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I was one the train a few days a go listening to a bloke on the phone to his mate. He thought because he had the flu vaccine enough times so he was immune to the covid-19 causing virus…Luckily for them they were young enough that they will probably survive their misconsceptions, but for our parents and grand parents, this attitude is what will send some of us to our makers…Funny I didnt know “John Lewis” made bodies.

We do know what causes COVID-19. So wash your hands and maybe you will not infect the three people that the infecion rate tells us occurs. We need to get this to less than 1 and then we will be on top of the virus. If his proverbial mate had learned coughing in other peoples faces should not be done, maybe I will be here next week..who knows…..I don’t. Hope it’s just a cold….I’m sure it is….the symptoms aren’t right.

Vinny Jones did the one of best advert for Cardiac arrest first aid than, in the age when we have stopped doing mouth to mouth, where you pump the Chest to”Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. Yo can have the US version abit more party and boobs So rather than the Cheesy music to washing your hands, think to get something else. How about the “Birdie Song”? About as Cheesy as Sinky Bishop….ProfG uses “Joan Beal” as we bought him the CD after the CCSVI abuse:-). Maybe bring back Vinnie. But the virus has a coat that does not like soap

Call it the Hand **** 🙂

So after your Brekkie give it a try

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