COVID BREAKFAST. Big Brother Google to the Rescue?


Now that testing is thinking about coming online, but hey the tests are SH1, we could see who has had the virus. You can then trace your contacts and we can test them to see if they have the virus or self isolate. Now this may be OK if you live in Pately Bridge, where your nearest neighbours are a few Swaledale sheep and you can remember which relative has come to see you, but if you live in “The Smoke” and travel by tube you have no chance of tracing the person whose face you sneezed into.

However, maybe you can with a smart app. Maybe this is the service that Google can do, as they are tracking you and your phone 24/7 and no doubt can tell, which carriage you are in as you come into the underground station. You don’t need CSI just Google.

Peer-to-Peer Contact Tracing: A Privacy-Preserving Smartphone Application. Yasaka TM, Lehrich BM, Sahyouni R.JMIR Public Health Surveill. 2020 Apr 1. doi: 10.2196/18936. [Epub ahead of print] Our proof-of-concept smartphone application allows users to create “checkpoints” for contact tracing, check their risk level based on their past interactions, and anonymously self-report a positive status to their peer network. Our simulation results suggest that higher adoption rates of such an application may result in a better controlled epidemic or pandemic outbreak.

However you can already use apps, such as apps that measure your temperature, see whose temperature goes up and you have found a case.

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  • Pateley Bridge, pretty village in the dales with a sweet shop? Hiked from there with our youngster (ie forced him to walk) to nearby Brimham Rocks, kinda the Glastonbury Tor of the North. Lovely holiday 🙂

      • It was.
        Son got his own back by clambering over rocks for hours and refusing to head down to main road to catch bus back to Harrogate.
        Pre smart phone and Google maps days too. Happy memories 🙂

        • Did you find the rocks on the cliff side with the tunnel in them?
          I used to ride my bike there when I was a kid

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