CoVID breakfast. More parasite drugs to the Rescue Beware.


You have already heard that there is interest that an anti-malarial drug may be useful for COVID-19.

Of chloroquine and COVID-19.Touret F et al. Antiviral Res. (2020)

Now there was a paper that another anti-parasite agent maybe useful. The FDA-approved Drug Ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro.Caly L, Druce JD, Catton MG, Jans DA, Wagstaff KM.mAntiviral Res. 2020 Apr 3:104787. doi: 10.1016/j.antiviral.2020.104787. [Epub ahead of print]

However, before you get your doses of sheep-dip read this.

I know that you like to get on the internet and get a supply of the latest treatments, because that is what you can expertly do. You have had years of practice of finding treatments on the internet that you can get without dealing with your neuro….Come on…Of course you do this! How many of you are still having 30 2mg biotin tablets for breakfast?

Ivermectin is all over the place it is used on millions of animals. We have already heard of a death from someone taking the anti-malaria drug used to clean aquariums. Don’t get a Darwin Award because you have been down to the pet shop.

Whilst ivermectin has been used in millions of animals that have taken this drug as it is used to kill parasites like mites that live on the surface of people and even pinworms and it has also been used by millions of people to treat parasitic helminthic worm infections that get in your eyes, if this drug had been tested in a collie dogs and a certain type of mouse. This drug would never have been invented. It could have killed “Lassie

Lassie was the film star dog that saved the Day

The drug is called ivermectin and whilst it can do many things, one thing it can do is kill nerves. It appears by targeting a chloride channel (GABA) When it was given to a mouse strain called the MDR-1 mice, it killed them because of toxicity to the nerves. In Collie Dogs there were neurological problems and I once here a story of a human who was working at a Pot farm who got neurological problems. They were controlling pot mites with avermectin a close relative of ivermectin.

Why is this relevant. There are genetic variants of a protein called P-glycoprotein. This is a drug pump that is very highly expressed in the blood vessels of the brain. It keeps fatty drugs out of the brain.

The MDR-1 mice do not have p-glycoprotein and so they cannot pump ivermectin out of the brain and this means the drugs goes into the brain, it kill nerves. It causes the problem in Collie dogs and this possibly the problem for the Pot worker. Ivermectin has been used safety in many humans , and we all know that asparin is used safely in many humans, but it can have issues.

Now as a word of warning to people with MS, it appears that p-glycoprotein is reduced in lesions and it could mean that ivermectin could be targeted into the lesional areas of the MS and so could cause damage nerve damage. You have blood brain barrier permeability issues. Therefore I would recommend that you do not use ivermectin unless under medical advice and with medical supervision.

We used this bit of biology to target drugs into lesions in mice.

Lesional-targeting of neuroprotection to the inflammatory penumbra in experimental multiple sclerosis. Al-Izki S, Pryce G, Hankey DJ, Lidster K, von Kutzleben SM, Browne L, Clutterbuck L, Posada C, Edith Chan AW, Amor S, Perkins V, Gerritsen WH, Ummenthum K, Peferoen-Baert R, van der Valk P, Montoya A, Joel SP, Garthwaite J, Giovannoni G, Selwood DL, Baker D. Brain. 2014;137(Pt 1):92-108.

Others have shown this too

T lymphocytes impair P-glycoprotein function during neuroinflammation. Kooij G, van Horssen J, de Lange EC, Reijerkerk A, van der Pol SM, van Het Hof B, Drexhage J, Vennegoor A, Killestein J, Scheffer G, Oerlemans R, Scheper R, van der Valk P, Dijkstra CD, de Vries HE. J Autoimmun. 2010; 34(4):416-25

There you have it according to Wiki the Scots say

Lastly do not give to your tortoises…ivermecting can cross the blood brain barrier

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  • Thanks – I won’t start chowing down on my horse wormer yet then….

    What do you think about the bcg vaccine and covid? That seems to be in mainstream media at the moment and I can’t figure out if it’s a false hope thing or potentially something to it?

    • ‘What do you think about the BCG vaccine…’
      I did not receive the BCG vaccine at school as I have natural immunity which I inherited from my Father. This was confirmed when I was screened for ocrelizumab. Would this still count in the same way as the vaccines potential protection that is being touted by the media? Or is this just more desperate clutching at straws?

  • White feet do not treat!

    Had I only read this solitary comment a long time ago!

    I had the most loving kitty. Her name was Jewels. I noted when I got her as a kitten from a kill shelter here in the USA that she was so very beautiful. She was a tabby sort of cat with a white chest and white feet. I recall saying, “Look! Why look! God was so kind to her that she came with her own jewelry.” The marking around her neck looked like a necklace, hence came the name “Jewels”.

    It 2015 she began to fall ill for unknown reasons. She was being treated for a skin condition that caused her to scratch a lot, so the veterinarian put her on Comfortis for Cats (a once a month pill). It was expensive and she did not like it and I had to take her to the vet every month to get a pill down her throat.

    Not long after this, an easier product to apply came out on the market called “Cheristin for Cats”, a topical treatment for her skin problem and also a very potent, very stinky product that you put on the back of the animal and it said to be good for one month treatment-wise.

    I thought that it was perhaps helping Jewels at first but she continued to worsen. By March of 2016, she was very ill. They ran $500 worth of tests on her and all they showed was that she had been exposed to the corona virus, a virus that is commonly found in shelters which is where she was from. Had she not been able to fight off the corona virus, she would have died of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) as a young kitten; she would not have lived to be 19 years old. She was otherwise not affected at all by this finding and the positive test for corona virus.

    As time went on, Jewels continued to be treated with Cheristin for Cats. She continued to decline and by June, she had lost a tremendous amount of weight and was staggering all over the place. She was frightened and scared. There was not a vet out there (I consulted two more) that could tell me what was wrong with poor Jewels.

    My mid-June, Jewels was so sick that she could no longer walk and seemed to be blind! She was vomiting up foamy blood and it was pretty obvious that she was not going to live a whole lot longer like that.

    I am sad to have to report that I had to have Jewels put down not long after this and her cause of death was listed as “unknown”.

    However, this was far from the end of this situation. I have two other cats that are twin brothers. I was told that I had to treat them with this same medication as well, as it would not be effective for Jewels if I did not do so, so I did what they told me to do and was treating both of them with Cheristin for Cats as well.

    They too were falling ill. One was vomiting and the other one was hiding, lethargic and hated having Cheristin for Cats put on him. I then began to do some research and it led to the research we are now seeing and it was hitting me right smack in the face! It was the Cheristin for Cats that was the culprit to all of the sickness and death! Needless to say, I quit putting this on both of the two twin cats at once!

    I contacted the company that makes these drugs and they are in major denial despite all of the evidence that I have collected that prove that these drugs are killing dogs and cats. The company making these toxic drugs created three cases on my cats, one for the late Jewels and two more for the tabby twin brothers. They were highly irritated with me and they offered no compensation for my loss and all of the veterinarian bills I had. It was real clear, they wanted me to simply go away and shut up.

    Not only was poor sweet Jewels gone, one of the other cats that was being treated has developed PTSD. Every time you touch him on his back where the Cheristin for Cats was applied, he will bite you and bite you good! I still have him anyway, despite the bites I have have received since 2016. As for the maker of the drug, again, they have offered no compensation for me despite their promises.

    After Jewels died, I was so devastated that I could barely speak as I had fallen into a severe depression. I couldn’t erase from my mind a poor sweet Jewels that could no longer walk and was now blind. It was my fault! Yes, it was MY FAULT because I FAILED to do what I should have been smart enough to do, and that was research these dangerous drugs being peddled my veterinarians here in the USA.

    What can I do today one may ask? Well what you CAN DO is TELL every person you know the reality of these dangerous drugs that are killing our pets. Ask each person you tell to tell 10 more people! If we keep this up long enough, word will eventually spread far and wide and hopefully these greedy drug companies will go out of business for murdering our beloved pets.

    In the meantime, do not treat if they have white feet!

By MouseDoctor



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