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The UK testing is woefully inadequate and people have been in lock down for a few weeks. If you live in the UK and got sick but not that sick you will not have got tested to know if you are virus positive. So you don’t know how safe it is to integrate. However the viral nose swab is not infallible. However, how many people does it miss?As it is not assessing what is in the lungs.

Keely JA et al. Roll-out of SARS-CoV-2 testing for healthcare workers at a large NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom, March 2020 separator Eurosurveillance Volume 25, Issue 14, 09/Apr/2020 

In one hospital trust in “Gods Own Country” did the test of staff members presenting with an influenza-like illness (defined as a reported fever AND one of: cough, sore throat, runny nose, myalgia, headache) or persistent cough, were directed to self-swab in the on-site assessment pods previously used for testing of ambulatory patients in the community. Written and pictorial instructions were provided to staff to self-swab the back of the oropharynx and then insert the same swab 4–6 cm to the back of the nasopharynx.

Overall 282 of 1,533 (18%) staff tested positive, 1,246 of 1,533 (81%) tested negative and five of 1,533 (< 1%) had an indeterminate result. All samples contained sufficient human cellular material. 

Therefore 80% had a common cold (this would not normally affect temperature)/flu and the test is fantastic or it is missing people who are infected and so now you don’t know if they were infected and immune and can asafety go back to work. It could be because virus is lurking in the lung and not picked up by the throat swab. If you are infected you probably will produce antibodies to the virus and this will ciruclate in the blood, so it is not going to hide. This is why you need a sensitive antibody test.

Sadly antibody will not hang round for ever and if we get rid of the virus by isolation there will be nothing to boost the immune response and the levels of antibodies will wane and disappear and then you will never know if you were infected.

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  • So swab back if throat first, then swab 4-6cm up nose, that sounds painful!

    In my local hospital there is a notice up saying this procedure doesn’t hurt, aimed at children. But I’ve watched videos by medical staff who have been tested themselves and they say it is uncomfortable and not nice.
    The self-test mentioned in the news would be what I would request.

  • Re. test what’s in the lungs…. , could they test spit or mucous and saliva coughed up for Covid-19?

    • I looked online and Yale have researched into this and state saliva testing would be as accurate, or more accurate than the current Covid-19 tests.

      Also staff doing the test for saliva wouldn’t have to get so close to the person being tested, so safer for staff. Also there could be a reduction in the amount of PPE used.
      Finally, this is not an invasive test, and sounds good to me.

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