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Our attempt to get back in the lab has been foiled by …let’s not go there….so much for the National Effort eh. Shame is, we could probably have had our first prototype screen made and up and running by now (Our new alemtuzumab assay – start of design to working assay in enough quality for 500,000 people in 2 weeks, one person..OK to run the assay we would need more people power). Similarly, most labs could have been using their kit other than Fisher thermocyclers to try help protect our NHS to increase testing, but I guess “Something is not better than nothing“…..I’m sure our final year medical students who made the technology would be happier to know whether they had been infected before, and so much safer, they were sent off to the Nightingale Hospital. This is, a COVID virus incubator site with biological (Fever power) heating system, I mean a state of the Art “Crimea-style” Hospital decked out by the Army for 4,000 casualties…..of the War as NDG put it. I hope they have some masks.

The conference Hall you don’t want to Visit
The Excel Centre kitted out with beds

DrA was told we are behind the curve…but were we…I guess we will never know if we can be better. The test says you have seen a virus, probably SARS-Cov-2 but it doesn’t tell you by how much and if that response is neutralizing..some people want a Porsche others are happy with a Skoda:-)

The government pours money on the great and the good, such that it is now easier to genome screen 100,000 people than do a simple test to say if you have or have had the virus. Anyway gripe over.

Rather than twiddle his thumbs Dr Angry has made the AngryMask, which you saw.

V1 the Prototype

Not wanting to sit on his laurels, he and his team kindly sent us version 2 , so we can go out and about and not be infected or infect others.

After being told that masks were useless, it now seems that we need to be “turning Japanese I really think so” and wear masks if you have a snivel and also wear them if you don’t, as it seems that masks may not only help you not infect people but they may help protect you also.

AngryMask V2….Thank you.

It seems that masks aren’t pants after all. However, who ever is advising the Government I’m not so sure. Where is the evidence that no-one is still infective after 7 days, when the WHO suggests 14 day quarentine?….Herd Immunity seems to be still the plan…even by the back door:-(.

Potential utilities of mask wearing and instant hand hygiene for fighting SARS-CoV-2.Ma QX, Shan H, Zhang HL, Li GM, Yang RM, Chen JM. J Med Virol. 2020 Mar 31. doi: 10.1002/jmv.25805. [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 32232986

So a new fashion accessory is what you need especially as a DIY mask can not be found. Masks went the same ways as Loo Rolls. Can you wait for them to be sent from China?.

No doubt DrA will be told that George from A*da has already cornered this market in face masks so not point in doing this either. However, I can look the bees knees going to the Supermarket to hunt for the loo roll when out of quarantine, safe in the knowledge that V2 has a secret compartment for the custom HEPA (anti-dust, bacteria and virus) filter, unlike the inferior commercial version. Who wants innovation? you can buy the George Version?…No doubt made in China, probably like the so called Irish supplier (Distributer). We all love a Skoda…Oh we can’t get them…because we don’t manufacture anything anymore:-)

P.S. See the paisley version in April 2020 Q&A

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