Hydroxychloroquine top trumps COVID?

Donald Trump grilled over continued promotion of hydroxychloroquine

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, on the back of Donald Trumps continued promotion of hydroxychloroquine, the US Food and Drug administration has said that it will allow the use of antimalarials, such as hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for the treatment of COVID19. The additional indication was approved on April 7 under emergency use authorization (EUA). This comes in spite of lack of hard evidence that it works.

The FDA’s take on all of this is as follows: “FDA encourages the conduct and participation in randomized controlled clinical trials that may produce evidence concerning the effectiveness of these products in treating COVID-19. FDA is issuing this EUA to facilitate the availability of chloroquine phosphate and hydroxychloroquine sulfate during the COVID-19 pandemic to treat patients for whom a clinical trial is not available, or participation is not feasible.” -full version can be found below.


Perplexed yet?

The Lancet medical journal has written “Regulators split on antimalarials for COVID19“, whilst the Science magazine is more bolshie and reports: the EUA “undermines FDA’s scientific authority because it appeared to be a response not to scientific evidence, but to fervent advocacy of the drugs by Trump and other political figures“.

Be what may, the anti-malarials do not come without their risks; around 1% of us may be at risk of drug-induced QT prolongation, which can cause sudden cardiac death. And like toilet rolls, on the same day as the announcement, due to a significant surge in demand the FDA lists both of its drugs on the drug shortages webpage.

Cry. Laugh. Learn. Move on.

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  • Speaking as in American, he is embarrassment. Some of us only listen to Dr. Fauci. What does boishe?mean?

    • Saying the tRump is an embarrassment is letting him off easy.
      The reality of tRump is that he is a criminal that belongs behind a locked up 6 foot deep wall that is un-penetrable.

      To think that such an idiot would push a drug makes him no better than a drug dealer selling crack, etc. on the street. In fact you may be better off.

      I did not vote for tRump and I never would vote for such an obvious cheat. He is not known as Don The Con without reason. That is because he is nothing but a con man with his porn queen wi-fey poo that sure doesn’t speak five languages as she can barely speak English!

      Embarrassment you say? Toss his to the wolves I say.

      I am more than done with this murderous idiot that has no brain.

      I am not personally embarrassed but I hope that those that voted for this idiot are. Of course many that DID vote for him are of the same ilk.

      Since when does an anti-parasitic drug cure a virus?
      Answer: It does no such thing!

      My father had malaria and he used this drug for a number of years. Over time, it became ineffective and he quit using it as the side-effects from the drug were worse than the malaria itself!

      To think a con man is pushing this is plain criminal. They used to lock up drug dealers in the USA but, I guess that is not the case any longer.

      The only thing going for this criminal administration is Dr. Fauci. I fear his days may be numbered as he is beginning to cave under the pressure from Don the Con.

      I ask that GOD help America! We need it! When and if this thing with COVID-19 is over (if ever), how much blood with The Con have on his tiny little hands?

      SHAME indeed!

      • Excellent Susannah! You have spoken for the majority of Americans, including me.

        Protecting loved ones with MS is serious task enough even in “normal” times. Add the pandemic and difficulty is compounded. Add Trump and that difficulty grows exponentially; the more he does the worse things get. His managerial skills are non-existent. He couldn’t organize a two-car parade. The only expertise Trump has ever developed is laundering Russian oligarch money via “loans” from the single financial institution in the world which has “loaned” him hundreds of millions of dollars … Deutsche Bank.

        Yes, Susannah, Trump is a criminal in every sense of the word. But what bothers me is that some people actually listen to the fool regarding medical advice about treating coronavirus. Its just another con. He knows nothing of value about hydroxychloroquine. Its meant to distract from his total incompetence in this crisis. Unfortunately, his latest con job puts vulnerable people in more jeopardy when they listen to our fraud, fake, and f-up president.

        I see the $1200 checks approved by congress in the US is being held up until Trump’s name gets printed on them. Sweet. I’m going to cash that baby and do two things… buy a huge ‘Baby Trump’ balloon and fund whoever runs against the fake president.


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