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Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 infections among 3 species of non-human primatesLu, S., Zhao, Y., Yu, W., Yang, Y., Gao, J., Wang, J., Kuang, D., Yang, M., Yang, J., Ma, C., Xu, J., Li, H., Zhao, S., Li, J., Wang, H., Long, H., Zhou, J., Luo, F., Ding, K., Wu, D., Zhang, Y., Dong, Y., Liu, Y., Zheng, Y., Lin, X., Jiao, L., Zheng, H., Dai, Q., Sun, Q., Hu, Y., Ke, C., Liu, H., Peng, X.10.1101/2020.04.08.031807 

If it is bad enough being given MS-like disease, it perhaps adds icing to the cake to be given COVID-19. In this study they looked at infecting monkeys via the throat and eyes (Yuk). The marmoset is used in MS research, they also infected rhesus monkey and the crab-eating monkey were given COVID 19. The marmoset a new world monkey was relatively resistant. The Rhesus monkey was the best bet and gave an antibody response within 4 days and this increased until the day they got the chop. So it could be part of immunity, not much changed in the blood in relation to T cells and monocytes unlike the humans. Now I am only looking at these studies to see if it tells us anything about the immune response, which may help explain stuff of people who maybe immunosuppressed. The lungs were full of immune infiltrate and there was lots of haemorrhages (burst blood vessels). Although occasionally seen human brain disease, but interestingly this is what happens to rhesus monkeys when they are given EAE and unlike humans and other specifies. So maybe the pathology doesnt tell us that much, except that the immune system appears to relate to the damage and therefore immunmodulation may be beneficial in protecting against severe lung issues of COVID.

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  • I think it’s awful that in 2020 intelligent and social animals like these are subjected to this torture.
    I totally get it that we need to move our understanding of disease forward as a matter of urgency. But there are – or should be limits – to the type and amount of suffering it’s justifiable to inflict. Especially when it comes to sentient beings like primates. Are researchers aware of the work carried out, and alternatives put forward, by the likes of ?

    • I suspect that if you test the marmoset ACE2 you would know it was not suitable… are researchers aware….sometime not in China I fear…however on the plus side I hear dogs and cats are off the menu:-)

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