ProfB to be Reprimanded for being on Holiday


The Scottish Health Secretary has been given the old heave-ho for not listening to her own advice to stay at home. So she had to fall on their Sword. Yesterday, I go a nice letter from BoJo, the Prime minister, asking me to stay at home. Nice of him to write 40 million letters whilst he has been sick with COVID-19. So it is rather sad that a number of people are disregarding this advice.

Letter from BoJo

Indeed, there have been calls from some of the QMUL students to get ProfB repremanded for flouting this advice. The medical students are off to the frontline as soon as the graduate and here is ProfB giving his lectures from the beach, with palm trees waving in the wind and waves lapping the shore. To top it all he had a cocktail and a paper Umbrella. Then he came back for the next evening lecture, this time from the far north and the Arora borialis, giving concern that he has been on holiday, rather than isolating.

ProfB going his lectures (Data Analysis or Critiquing a Clinical Trial). Where next?

However, fear not Peeps I’m with you. Here I am flogging my guts out doing blog posts and my day job and there is profB out on holiday living it large.

NeuroDocG can’t be with you today as she has a bit of a backlog in her work load,….so she has asked me to step in to do her slot. I’ll be back later.

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