#MSCOVID19. What happens when scientists get trapped?…They go Mad!


Are you going COVID crazy yet? If you are living by yourself and locked away not getting to see any other humans, you can start to go stir-crazy. Yep it is happening to us scientists too.

If the past few days we have steamed through 10,000 COVID-19 related papesr and they are coming thick and fast at about 400 a day. There have been over 200 papers on the subject of face masks. If only people on the front line could get some PPE, they may only realise that there can be problems with it.

N95 respirator associated pressure ulcer amongst COVID-19 health care workers.Lam UN, Md Mydin Siddik NSF, Mohd Yussof SJ, Ibrahim S. Int Wound J. 2020 May 12. doi: 10.1111/iwj.13398. [Epub ahead of print].

I went on Ebay and got mine a while back

Ihope you forgive the sexist sterotype. But today I have put on my nursey outfit tonight so I can join the weekly International Women in Multiple Sclerosis meeting tonight at 8.00. You can check it out tomorrow on youtube.

You can now read our review on COVID19. There were only 300 COVID 19 papers when we started writing but the time we have finished and got it reviwed there were 4,000.

The underpinning biology relating to multiple sclerosis disease modifying treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interestingly the MS data still stands as does the rest of the study, however the COVID pathology has moved on abit and we would now add more about the vascular pathology, which may be a central issue. However, if true it moves immune-suppressed people with MS closer to the general population, as this mechanism is not going to be hugely important to how being on an MS DMT. It does not provide a clean bill of health but not maybe not as scary as it was 5 weeks ago

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  • “Viral ACE2 binding is facilitated by host cell, serine proteases such as TMPRSS2 necessary to prime the spike protein”
    –Just thinking out loud here: could TMPRSS2 be a potential target for drug development, i.e., to prevent the virus from binding and therefore entering the cell?

    • Yes you are correct and there are efforts to target this enzyme although it’s a host enzyme so we might see side effects. As the mouse doctor pointed out there numerous papers coming out also say it’s not that simple as the virus uses additional host proteins also. Stay tuned.

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