Steroid us in MS


We are all bricking it about the problems of immunosuppression, but it is it always going to be damaging?

This is a paper that looked retrospectivily to see people with COVID-19 who got steroids and those that didn’t and their results looks like a bit of immunosuppression can be good for you. But their use should not terify you.

They suggst ” early, low-dose and short-term application of methylprednisolone was associated with better clinical outcomes…… Nevertheless, future randomized controlled trials are desperately in need to confirm these findings” In this respect I could did out a paper or two seem to make things worse. The point I am making is that the benefits and adverse events may be timing and severity related and therefore we need to understand the biology to use treatments to best effect.

However another person treated with alemtuzumab and given a lung transplant and maintained on immunosuppression including steroids and developed COVID-19 and was relatively uneventful

COVID-19 in a lung transplant recipient. Aigner C, Dittmer U, Kamler M, Collaud S, Taube C.J Heart Lung Transplant. 2020 Apr 13. pii: S1053-2498(20)315

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  • Is that because the corticosteroid, administered for a short time, would prevent the “cytokine storm”, the over-stimulation of the immune system caused by Covid-19? Inflammatory response is also not good in MS.



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