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We recently published this summary of our good intentions to (i) improve systematic follow-up using simple tools, (ii) listen to the feedback of pwMS and (iii) develop a yet closer collaboration with the MS Society’s UK MS Register ( Conceived well before the pandemic broke out, the concept of “assisted self-monitoring” developed new urgency in the light of #MSCOVID-19. The BartsMS team is now working hard to translate the ambition into a robust process that works in the NHS – wish them luck!


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  • I appreciate the hard work put into this but I feel I’ve had enough of phone apps for self monitoring. I’ve deleted most apps now.

    Took up too much time.

    • Appreciate the frustration with “yet another” phone app. The drug companies are facing an uphill struggle with their really smart devices, and as you say many feel they’ve been there, done that, and are disengaging. However, we are not doing phone app here! We are trialling a combination of conventional stuff sent to your home (card board 9 hole peg test, and if you wish a piece of string that’s 8m long for a Timed 25ft walking test) and online interaction. Key IMO is this is *not* entirely new stuff, but using established tools many pwMS know from clinic or clinical trials for home use. Key for us is getting the data flow in motion with least hassle for you, and optimum utility for the team. @AndreaStennett, @somehow_related, @Kimberley_AP and others are working on it.

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