What’s a Blood Spot test


When you are born you had a prick in your heel and you put the blood spot on a card called a Guthrie card. You let the card dry and then you can stick the card in the post. In terms of coronavirus, it will be dead in a couple of days max and it is not going to escape the enveloped to infect the postie


A blood spot is about 50-75 microlitres in volume. When the spot is dry the contents are relatively stable and you can extract the antibodies in the blood and measure it for presence of antibodies against the COVID-19-related virus. You don’t need much fluid for the test. You don’t have to go anywhere and a blood spot kit can be popped in the post. A lancet gives you a little skin prick and it is easy peasy to do.

DrAngry says there is also another easy technology, which is a sponge on a stick and it sucks the blood into the sponge and is easier to handle, if we get some cash to buy them it wil be a nice choice to have

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  • Friends of mine have been sent testing kits. No need to put anything in the post.

    One friend was told it would take 10-12 minutes for a result but her negative result was instant.

    Another friend tested positive and he is sure it dates to a period of illness in December.

    • The test kits I think you are taking about are called lateral flow and you drop blood in a plastic device and it gives you red lines, like a pregnancy kit. This gives you a yes no answer but depending on the kit is may not tell you anything about whether it may affect viral infection and it will not tell you how much antibody you have.

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