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This cartoon was in a British Newspaper…I was sent it as I don’t read that paper:-). which suggests the state of the COVID research….I suspect some of you think this is the State of MS research

SID asked

“If you get time, could you do a T4TD on why the research / medical still can’t identify an approach (treatment + lifestyle factors) which would halt the progression of this vile disease”. ….

It has…..It is called “Treat early and effectively”, the community has to buy into this…it hasn’t!…Look at the drug sales to see what is being used…… As for identifiying the approach, I would argue many approaches have been identified, but the community (funders/pharma) does not want to adopt them……..where are the studies looking at the pyramid and the holistic approach…..I haven’t seen any!

“A T4TD on what might be round the corner would bring a little bit of hope (we wouldn’t hold you to anything as we know the past has been littered with promising areas which have turned out to be damp squibs)”.

Yep happy to let ProfG put his head in the noose for that one…..however COVID-19 has made a massive dent in the finances of governments and MS charities. Will this dent their plans?……However, you know what is round the corner, because nothing is done quickly as evidence-based science is slow and it is heavily regulated and is transparent as the studies are reported in registries.

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