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The ocrelizumab phase II extension trial suggests the potential to improve the risk:benefit balance in multiple sclerosis (Follow the link) available for 50 days

This suggests that there may be possible to maintain benefit by extending the dosing interval. We think a clinical study needs to be done to formally show this.

If you want to look at a follow on study have a look at

COVID-19 vaccine-readiness for ocrelizumab and other anti-CD20-depleting therapies in multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases David Baker, Charles Roberts, Gareth Pryce, Angray Kang, Monica Marta, Saul Reyes, Klaus Schmierer, Gavin Giovannoni, Sandra Amor. Authorea DOI: 10.22541/au.159292858.82650822

This creates yet more evidence that memory B cell inhibition can link to efficacy

COI: Thanks to Roche and for suplying the data.

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  • Thank you for this!

    The paper seems to mention the effect of ocrelizumab being prolonged after 3 cycles. Does this mean that people who have had only 2 cycles may not have the same benefit?

    I was planning on delaying my September dose (which would be my 3rd cycle I’ve had 2x300mg and 1x600mg) to get me over the flu season as a HCP so I would be interested to know.

    • No this reports available data If you look at the repletion data there are 1 to 2 doses and it is similar to 3 doses. Data from rituximab with single dose suggests benefit

  • Roche need to run a formal study ASAP. This is very important and may have swayed our choice in DMT if dosing was less frequent.

    Will they do it? Probably not. It will impact on sales.

  • Thanks so much for this blog.

    Do you have data for Ocrevus that shows the repopulation time of B cells as a function of body mass index?

  • I linked a study showing the repopulation time of B cells after infusion with rituximab is faster for people with higher body surface area. There were a couple of people on Ocrevus in the study but over 90% were on rituximab. Is it reasonable for me to apply these results to Ocrevus?

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