How to reduce the time to Siponimod


How to reduce the delay of diagnosing secondary progression in multiple sclerosis. Hernan InojosaTjalf Ziemssen July 22, 2020 Letter

Do you have secondary progressive MS?. This article points you to a tool devleoped by Novartis who are the makers of Siponimod . This has been licenced for secondary progressive MS so you need to know when this begins

It is simples, it is actually from disease onset because this is when those processes are set in motion. However the regulators have created this artificial construct that it is some magic time in the future of your MS course. In the USA the regulators got it and you can use across the relapsing-progressive spectrum, in the UK a shot in the foot. Get the diagnosis of secondary progression and you can be stuck with siponimod with nowhere to go as you can become ineligible for relapsing-remitting MS approved drugs….What a mess NICE have created with the help of their advisors. Access should be based on biology and circumstance

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  • That’s a much easier tool to use than all the messing around with the Mcdonald Criteria, it certainly confirms my suspicions. I wish there was a simple self diagnostic for RRMS too.

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