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Here is the Dutch experience.

Here, we provide an extensive overview of all reported COVID-19 cases in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients in the Netherlands between 27 February and 9 June 2020, gathered by the Dutch MS Taskforce of the Netherlands Society of Neurology. A total of 86 MS patients were reported, 43 of whom tested positive for COVID-19. Of 43 patients who tested positive, 22 patients were hospitalized. Three intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and four deaths were reported. Our findings show no apparent difference in disease-modifying treatment (DMT) use and COVID-19 disease course in Dutch MS patients. In addition, a clear link between low lymphocyte count and severe disease was not observed.

Of note there were seven people taking DMF whol got COVID and 7 people with ocrelizumab, one was hosptalized on DMF and one not-hospitalised on ocrelizumab

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  • Interesting. I have MS and was tested for infection twice in the Dutch medical system – taking Aubagio. No infection but high white blood count. It is sad that some people with MS succumbed to the virus and passed away.

  • Hi MD

    So do you mean 6 out of 7 on anti CD20 were hospitalised? Did they have a higher death rate too?

    But the conclusion was still that there was no difference for any DMT?


  • Not much info here. No statistics about type of MS and type of DMTs, no ages, no EDSS scores, etc.

  • Hmm I’d be interested to know which DMT the patient intubated for 24 days with edss of 1 was using.
    I must admit I’m confused by this part of the paper:
    “Compared to current evidence, a relatively high proportion of patients using ocrelizumab were observed in our cohort, of which the vast majority of the positively tested was hospitalized. However, this may be attrib-
    uted to indication bias and/or reporting bias. Overall, our findings show no apparent difference in DMT use and COVID-19 disease course in Dutch MS patients.”
    So for Ocrevus use there were 8 confirmed cases, 6 of those hospitalized, 2 ICU, one death. What analysis led them to the conclusion that this wasn’t significant?

  • Hey, I’ve been a fan of this blog for a long time and I know dropping links is not always cool, but I started the Matt Calkins YouTube channel some months ago and I’ve now started posting more occasionally about MS, including todays video. I got my 7th Ocrevus infusion last week. If you’re interested take a look, if you hate that I dropped this link or dislike me for any other reason feel free to criticize me. It is YouTube after all. 😀

    If admins decide not to allow this comment, I will not be offended.


  • Were those that died obese? In the ipaper online today, obesity can increase risk of Covid-19 death by up to huge 90%.

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