Are they going to put me out of my misery – ECTRIMS 2020


P0192 – Benefit-risk of ofatumumab in treatment-naïve early relapsing multiple sclerosis patients

J. Gartner. Presentation NumberP0192Presentation TopicClinical TrialsLecture Time08:00 – 08:00

Will they, won’t they….they will have the brain atrophy data will it be presented?

Will they Report B cell subsets?

We have had the ozanimod data published, will it be the same at ECTRIMS 2020 and what will the posenimod show what is going to happen?

P0210 – Elezanumab in patients with different disease courses of multiple sclerosis: study design and baseline analysis from two phase 2 studies

B. Cree

Will it won’t it…this is a trial of a repair agent!!

How many BTK inhibitors are there?

The titles of the ECTRIMS 2020 line up is there (CLICK), what interests you!

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  • I will be anxiously awaiting your assessment. Unfortunately, history has shown, they most likely will not. 😉 Although, I would be happy to be proven wrong.

  • The yearly ECTRIMS and ACTRIMS events have for so long inspired and raised hope for pwms all around the world, wishing their disease inflicted misery will end. Like clock work every year they are disappointed, as we are none the nearer to cure. The saddest part of this is like England football fans at world Cup they console themselves that next world cup would be different. Let me make a prediction. Inspite of all the leads in ms published in the next 20 years. There will never be a cure. Yes more effective treatments costing more till the tax payers squeezed to line the pockets of pharma. This not a go at any researchers or research departments. Until independent research institutions are setup that forbid funding from pharma the situation will not change for any severe condition unless it threatens to destroy humanity like the current pandemic. Sadly some of those who have taken the hippocrattic oath (hypocritics) are in bed with pharma.

    • I don’t think we should be that cynical regarding the pace of finding a cure. Neurological diseases are notoriously difficult to treat due to site restriction of pharmacologic agents. This is why MS drugs act in the periphery and indirectly affect the activity in the CNS.

      As for a cure. There may already be one. If a patient is treated early with an IRT such as alemtuzumab or aHSCT longterm prognosis may be elimination of disease progression and stable EDSS.

    • “Sadly some of those who have taken the hippocrattic oath (hypocritics) are in bed with pharma”…….

      Anybody worth their salt is in bed with pharma to some extent, if they are not they are probably crap. There are very few people that do not have any dealings with pharma because if they have a view worth listening to pharma is listening. Those who do not touch pharma are often in some form of government cabal and are clueless about developing treatments….looking forward to the microbiome curing MS.

      Perhaps you can find me a UK neuro who you think is untouchable and we can see if they are not pharma tainted

      “Until independent research institutions are setup that forbid funding from pharma”….why would you do that. That is chopping your nose off to spite your face….and the question is where does the funding come from the Francis Crick bank rolled by the MRC Wellcome, CRUK etc but where did the Wellcome money come from…the days when it was a pharmaceutical company and the Wellcome all have private enterprise arms

      In the UK you had the Kennedy Institute for Rheumatology and they came out with the worlds first immunotherapy for arthritis…they did that with the help of pharma

  • Thanks MD. Its good to challenge established dogma. Where does the money come from? Pharma are not the only financiers in this world. Only the best work for pharma. Does the name Barry Marshal ring a bell?

          • Sorry MD2, thats exactly my point. There should be no grey when the well being of the patient should come first over pharma profits. What needs to happen govermment needs to regulate Pharma. For every dollar spent treatment development. Percentage needs to be spent on cure. If this isn’t enforced by government why would pharma have incentive to develop cures?

          • They are regulated but if they don’t like what the government.says they move their HQ/opporations to another country. This is why there is s no animal work the uk

  • lastly, I bet you in 20 years time from now, assuming covid 19 or the grey aliens have got me. We wilk still talking about the black Swan and there’s a link between vitamin d and ms. Clock is ticking. And not because ms is hard to cure.

  • “No there’s a soft porn flick/book worth watching/reading 🙂”

    Why only soft? Knudge knudge wink wink.

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