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For those who missed our online journal club on radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) or asymptomatic MS, which was held online this afternoon, you can catch-up with the banter on YouTube.

Is there any mileage in doing these live?

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  • Is there value? I’d argue that there is. For regular folks to see doctors/researchers chatting like this ensures that you are seen accurately as regular human beings and not a different species of human being, as some people can view medical professionals (HCPs).

    It normalises the humanity aspects. Many patients only ever see their HCP in a highly structured environment that the HCP no longer even sees – it is your norm, after all – but can be so different to the patient norm that they don’t always behave naturally. To their own detriment.

    Y’all are regular folks who happen to know an awful lot about a specific area – experts.

    • 100% with Dom’s points. This was a very interesting watch and reassuring it’s own way – helps to build trust further between the patient and HCP.

  • I really enjoyed it! Hearing you guys think about and discuss the paper in a critical way and then seeing you try to apply the learning to real life situations was really helpful. It doesn’t need to be live necessarily, having access to the videos after works just as well. Thank-you!

  • Finally got a chance got a chance to watch this afternoon, I loved it! You could also post the paper beforehand if it is open access and give us a chance to read it before.

  • Yes, and I commend you for sharing – I watched the video of the discussion. Always helpful to get/hear thoughts on asymptomatic/low symptom cases as a patient who is 63, diagnosed at 57 when had couple of months double vision but since then mainly tightness in left side but not on treatment nor being monitored any more.

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