The King is dead…Long live the King!


Just like the monarchy goes on forever, it seems like drugs keep going and going. So the Cancer formulation ARZERRA dies (it gets removed from European use) to be reborn……and repriced:-) as KESIMPTA.

This happened with MabCampath to Lemtrada

In the US this (Ofatumumab) gets a label that includes clinically isolated syndrome and relapsing-remitting as well as active secondary progressive disease… it can jossel with its stable mate siponimod and oral cladribine

The clinical development program for Kesimpta took 10 years and has involved more than 2,300 people with MS round the world. In the COVID-19 era it means you can treat yourself at home.

How quickly do the cells recover when you stop ofatumumab….in terms of the CD19 population this is pretty quick, at least after a few cycles, which people interested in vaccinations may have an interest. How easy is it to switch?.. You can wait until ECTRIMS where there is a poster.

However, I bet memory B cells don’t recover that quickly. It is funny they have reported the data on the naive B cells but not the memory B cells….Not to worry not long to wait before a request can be made:-)

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