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In clinic yesterday a patient told me that a vaccine post they read on the blog was very confusing. After reading it they didn’t know what to do. It is important to emphasise that this blog is primarily about MS research and not necessarily about clinical advice. I always tag my clinical posts with the hashtag #ClinicSpeak. In future, I will also colour code them. Will this help?

The following vlog is some off the cuff advice about vaccines. I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

Adding to this Post By ProfG and relevant to todays post.

Genetic evidence for a case of re-infection with SARS-CoV-2. Tillett et al. SSRN-id3680955.pdf Here is a case where re-infection can be shown to occur as the person had two different strains of the virus. Perhaps the bad news whilst the first infection was mild was that the second round of infection was associated with hospitalization showing that infection with the virus does not give 100% protection. This could be uncommon but we cannot say this and it may not be.

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  • Do people who undergo Immune Reconstitution Therapies lose the memory B cells responsible for immunity to previous infection or vaccination, and need to be re-vaccinated ?

  • Thank you Prof this will make things clearer for people who are unsure/concerned.
    I’m due my first full dose of Ocrelizumab in December and I think my last pneumococcal vaccination was over 15 years ago. Should I press for this to be done within a certain time window? or ASAP?
    As for #ClinicSpeak posts a good option would be a pale shade of orange as it’s internationally recognised by PwMS as the colour associated with MS.
    Every year I nag my colleagues to get their Flu Jab so this year I plan on becoming a peer vaccinator. I will use the fact that by having the jab they will be protecting me. Emotional black mail at it’s best?

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