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Looking at ProfGs slides to day and we saw the Broooklyn Bridge of Brain pictures. Mention New York and you get a picture of Brooklyn Bridge. Mention atrophy and you get this

A powerful letter to my MS. “You got some nerve,” as we would say… | by  Willeke-Maya, Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me | Medium

Now we know MS gets misdiagnosed and maybe this atrophied brain has been too. As it looks familiar

Teepa Snow, Dementia Expert, on understanding Alzheimers patient beha…

Where does it come from?

Mirror image

It's All in Your Approach: - ppt download

The problem with the internet

Your Brain vs Einstein's Brain? - YouTube
If a number of neurons in the cerebral cortex of dolphins is greater than  that of humans, why didn't they develop a more advanced society? - Quora

The actual brain on the Einstein

This is an actual photo of Einstein’s brain, which was preserved in formalin by pathologist Thomas Harvey after Einstein’s death in 1955. 

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  • Wow thanks for this MD!
    Remember seeing the pic shortly after my diagnosis and having a 😱 moment.
    This post ensures I’ll approach everything with a note of caution and remember to check and double-check.

    Oh and thanks for the 😂 with the Einstein brain!

  • Is it any wonder why neuroprotectants for ALZ and MS remain just a dream…or just a drawing on some treatment pyramid doodle.

  • I just recieved my MRI Results and it says I have cerebral atrophy. Guess what my treatment is. Big fat NOTHING. I also have chronic lacunar infarct ieft parietal periventricular white matter. Doctors doing big fat nothing . I am wondering why.Anyone know why I would get no treatment on any this?

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