#MSCOVID19: European COVID-19 Cup Quarterfinals


There has been a lot of debate about which country has had the best strategy at dealing with their coronavirus epidemic. It is clear based on the epidemiology of pandemics that countries needed to play with the mid and end game in mind. We are now quite a way into the COVID-19 pandemic and have reached the quarterfinals stage. Which countries do you think are going to win the quarterfinals and get to the next round?

Quarter Final 1: Sweden vs. Denmark

Quarter Final 2: United Kingdom vs. Germany

Quarter Final 3: Italy vs. Spain

Quater Final 4: France vs. Switzerland

If you need some help in understanding the epidemiology of pandemic you can refer to my infographic below.

CoI: multiple

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  • I guess this shows why hospital admissions and deaths are the most valuable metric. This data is looking at shots on goal rather than scores to continue the metaphor. I guess the big issue is whether lockdown works, and where are we with immunity. I hope the defensive substitutes (T Cells) have been waiting quietly and when brought on will ensure it is a low scoring draw.

  • – Why isn’t there any country from Eastern Europe or the Balkans? They did pretty well during the first wave although their economies and health systems are on the brink of collapse.
    – Sweden’s data the last few days is not reliable. It seems that there is an issue with reporting new cases.

    • Young people are not keen on social distancing. The good news despite the second surge is the average age of COVID-19 patients is just over 30 years of age compared to being over 60 on the initial phase of the pandemic. However, the collateral damage will be seen in older patients.

      • In phase I they were only testing hospitalized people and so the age would be high, that we took the virus into care homes to infect the old. Now they are testing people by post,excepting the fact. The old are in hiding

  • UK v Germany…Yep we will go out on penalties (or is that the result from Brexit:- Going out with penalties)….. but I can’t say we played well and we were robbed…….(you have to be a football fan to understand).

    ….The anti virals are where? …Is we start ati-viral trials 3 weeks infection, is it surprising the trials have been failing?

    Test and Trace…..National Shambles….Need I say more!

    But should we pat ourseleves on the back?

    Ciccarelli O, Cohen JA, Thompson A. Response of the multiple sclerosis community to COVID-19.
    Mult Scler. 2020 Sep;26(10):1134. “Soon after COVID-19 became a pandemic and the first countries introduced lockdown measures, multiple sclerosis (MS) experts did what they do best, which is working together and collegiately in order to (1) re-organise clinical MS services, (2) set up national and international COVID-19 and MS research networks, (3) recommend guidelines on MS management and (4) report national cohorts of COVID-19 in MS patients and cases with an unexpected COVID-19 course”

    I would say hats off to the International Women in MS and their effort to get information out there quickly,

    P.S. Are South Korea are in the final of the COVID World Cup?

  • The graph above – if you consider that Germany’s population is considerably higher, the UK’s performance to date is even worse.

    • Not the people who died. It is disrespectful of the politicians who run some of these countries who are putting the economy before the lives of their civilians.

      The great shame is how well you do, or not, depends on what country you live in. This is the real tragedy and a stain on Europe.

    • I think it would be more disrespectful of the deceased not to bring to light, at any opportunity, the mismanagement of, and ill preparedness for, this pandemic.

    • It is a very serious post; no disrespect at all. In Britain we call it irony. I thought it was only Americans who had a problem with irony 🙁

  • Sweden has population of 10 million people and the UK has 66 million people. Yet the amount of land in Sweden is large for its number of inhabitants.

    Same with France and Germany they have a lot more land to accomodate people compared to the UK. I’m not saying this is the reason by the way, just something to consider.

  • It’s interesting looking at the healthcare systems of different European countries. How does this impact on the Covid-19 treatment?

    France from what I read is the patient pays for care, then it is refunded. GP visits cost twenty five euros but will cost the patient either zero or six euros after the refund.

    Then there is the hospital care and inpatients pay eighteen euros per day/night, for the board and lodgings charge, which is not refunded from what I read. But for the actual medical care there is no charge.

    All very interesting.

  • We need to be careful when looking at the statistics. As you know some countries will class a person that died by road traffic accident but was tested Covid-19 positive as ‘died from Covid-19’.

    And in another country, someone who had Covid-19 but had a heart attack will be classed as ‘died by heart attack’ and Covid-19 not mentioned.

    • Yep as the well worn saying goes: ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’
      Don’t know what to trust anymore, especially when today’s news showing that England’s local authorities are looking to transfer elderly from hospitals into care homes, even if they’re testing positive for Covid (document leaked to C4 news) What data informed this stance after what happened in the first wave?!?
      So saddening!

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