#MSCOVID19: Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your MS?


Shift.ms has asked to help them promote a survey they are doing to find-out how COVID-19 has impacted your MS. If you get a chance can you please complete the survey? Thank you.

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  • Apologies. I hope you don’t mind me saying but 15 to 20 mins is quite long for a survey length. I wonder if it might be a bit long for some people that work?
    But I understand it has to ask enough questions to be meaningful.

  • Yes I have been impacted as in from March to the end of June I didn’t really go anywhere and therefore the little bit of walking I did from my drivers seat to getting my scooter out of the boot – using a hoist – just never took place. Due to not going out, my confidence declined. Even now my trips out are greatly reduced – I have restyled my hair so I no longer need to go to the hairdresser once a week – Good for the finances as now I only will have to go once every six weeks. Also, are used to go to the MS Centre twice a week which has now cut down to once a fortnight. Socialising in general has been difficult as meeting up in cafés/restaurants has to be pre-booked which is inconvenient. A lot more thought has to going to visiting places as you have to consider whether toilets are able to be used.
    I am not afraid to go out – I am not on any drugs and very very rarely do I pick up infections. One good thing has been Doctors appointments are by video which is much more convenient for me.

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