My neuro got $200,000 from Pharma.


In the US you can find out how much money your neuro has snaffled from the pharma hand. Generally this is what cost is attributed from that neuro to the pharma…not what goes in their pocket. So you have the cost of a flight, the taxi the hotel the meals, their minder who has to travel with them to wipe their bums, in addition to any money they may or their univeristy may get from this activity. If you go to Europe or USA a few times a year then that is alot of cash..ProfG went to the USA 3 times in one week once..yep bonkers

I usally get the shitty deals like a meeting in Downtown London, Now it is 5 hours on Zoom . I still have to get a telly after kicking it to death after the MS Teams TV advert..You know the one…It helps us to innovate:-(

Occassionally I travel ProfG Class and go somewhere nice. I went to Rio for a weekend once. I was so busy I got picked up from the airport and did 6 hours of teaching and then went home by thew Sunday. This is my view from the beach by the hotel. The copacobana and the sugar loaf?

Is that mountain the sugar loaf?

Tantislying but I was not in Rio, which was round the corner

P.S. I am sure the neuros get some recompense for the things they do, but trust me they think more about you than they do for the pharma sponsorship..that’s a perk

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  • Sugar Loaf isn’t at all easy to pick out – I hadn’t realised it is just one of many similarly-shaped mounds on the Rio skyline! Fabulous, though…

  • Often people who don’t have to travel for work or business don’t really realise how often exhausting and actually unglamorous the whole thing is. Landing after a night flight then having to go straight to a meeting, getting up at ungodly hours, not seeing your family, spending your whole time abroad in a conference centre and not actually seeing daylight! Once I had to drink around 10 coffees to stay awake after no sleep abroad for work, got the shits and then got food poisoning because the food options were very limited… But, there are sometimes very nice trips too! Drunk karaoke in Japan is one 🙂 Still very tiring though.
    In a private company those people would usually get paid a lot more for the hassle of it all and rightly so IMO.
    I’d prefer Doctors and academics reap the benefits in society like this than many other professions..

    • This. In previous life, I would sometimes travel every week for months (mostly within Europe, occasionally overseas). 5 star hotels and business class seats on long haul make it more bearable but it is incredibly tiring no matter what (plus it creates no end of issues for personal life).

      I think it is fun about the first three times. 😔

  • Ah, you’ve noticed that in the US you gotta pay to play. I have gotten wonderful top notch care from top notch neuros in the States. But, I will concede that the sums doled out by big pharma to my top notch doctors are extraordinary. Most neuros are equal opportunity takers from every DMD maker. On occasion, however, i noticed that a doctor might have taken these perks from a select few pharmaceutical companies. Could this raise doubt in a patient’s mind whether the doctor’s prescribed DMD was optimal for the patient??? Does the mere appearance of improper influence on a doctor’s decision-making matter??? Would it change your mind if you knew that the doctors in the US sometimes get “coupons” from the pharmaceutical co. to hand out to patients to defray the cost of a particular prescription? Such coupon can make one treatment more affordable over others. Patients appreciate a doctor who considers the economic impact of a prescription on the patient. PErks do push some treatments over others. We didn’t even address the issue of US health insurers making certain drugs formulary and removing those drugs they are unable to negotiate a lower price… PS. Hannah, get some rest. 😉

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