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If you are a Healthcare Professional (HCP) and are interested in getting up to speed on some advanced topics around the management of MS please take a look at the programme below. We converted our November meeting to be virtual, which has opened some spaces for more people to attend.

Please register via the following link: Advanced MS Academy 4-6 November 2020 Online.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me. In addition, if you have any topics you think we should cover please let me know.

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  • HSCT – are we ready to offer it first-line?
    Dr Ben Turner, Consultant Neurologist, Barts Health NHS Trust

    very exciting ! lets hope so !

    • I hope by asking the question, “HSCT – are we ready to offer it first-line?”, we are pushing the bubble and challenging HCPs to think about treating MS aggressively as early as possible.

    • Yes, but only via a firewall for members of the MS Academy. I will speak to the company and see if they will make them available for all to view.

  • I’ve got a few questions :

    Why was the research into remylination and citicoline stopped (when results were promising; oh but it was reclassified as a supplement)

    Why isn’t Savitex available on prescription;
    (despite what NICE said) for pwMS to help ease symptoms and improve quality of life?

    When is any effort going to be put into finding a cure?

    • Citicoline was always available as a supplement. It has modest evidence as a nootropic and is generally sold as such. Ironically I used it for a while about 10 years ago, maybe I should try again. Same for ALCAR BTW.

      This might be an interesting topic for investigation – maybe nootropics could help some of the cognitive issues. Sadly there seems to very little in the line of dependable studies, no doubt partially because they cannot be patented.

  • Thank you for responding
    Mouse doctor talked about citicoline 6 years ago in this blog when it was a pharmaceutical and promising remylination therapy – then it got reclassified as a nutriceutical and all talk stopped and that hope was abandoned ? – https://multiple-sclerosis-research.org/2014/12/remyelination-with-citicoline/

    “After cuprizone-induced demyelination, CDP-choline effectively enhanced myelin regeneration and reversed motor coordination deficits”

    As for savitex it comes in at at a cost of £400 – which is far cheaper than a dose of DMD ?

    We don’t hear anything about cures , we hear about DMDS destroying quality of life and ultimately failing

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