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Hello, my name is Farhana and I am a third year Biomedical Sciences student at Queen Mary University of London. I was born and brought up in Rome and moved to the UK when I was 12 where I completed my GCSE and A-Levels. After completing my degree, I am hoping to study medicine and become a doctor specialising in neuroscience or paediatrics. I am hoping work around the world as my ambition to travel the world led me to learn how to speak seven languages such as Italian and Spanish.

I am currently working on a project placement based on a drug called alemtuzumab  which is being used to treat relapsing MS. An innovative cell-based assay called GloBody is able to detect the anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) or in other words antibodies against alemtuzumab present in patients’ serum who have previously received this treatment as it can help determine the efficacy and prevent any future complications.

I am creating a piece of information to communicate this innovative technology to help MS patients understand how the GloBody technology works to find anti-alemtuzumab antibodies. However, I would like to find out some information in order to develop it.

This survey is aimed at health care professionals and will take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. I will use the data collected to design information accordingly and for my project report. Thank you for your time!

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  • As an old Neuro inpatient nurse and now an MS patient,
    I would prefer an informational piece to be the primary focus. Each question dug into feelings the poll taker might feel points to inadequate knowledge about a drug they routinely give. That can feel defeating.
    Maybe ask 1 question about do they know about anti-drug antibodies. Then proceed to educate. My opinion.

    • Yes I agree. What might be good is to have a sliding scale for each answer, instead of a yes or no response. How much knowledge does the HCP have in relation to each question. 10 being confident and 1 being unaware or not known for example.

  • Thank you so much, Farhana, for your career choice which is bound to have positive impact for many of us! The more PwMS, caregivers, and treating physicians understand about DMTs and anti-drug antibodies, the more successful we all will be. You are off to an excellent beginning!

    There can be no more noble, caring, giving graciousness than spending your life alleviating the suffering of others. As a caregiver, I often think of people such as you with a profound sense of gratitude.

    Unfortunately, you may seldom be thanked, acknowledged, or appreciated for your countless hours of study and effort. But through your work knowledge gained and shared becomes a light to help guide decisions I must make and others must in dealing with MS.

    Perhaps, only the angels can kiss away sorrows while humans have to work at doing so but the practical effect is similar. Thank you, Farhana, for being gracious to those who suffer. Our gratitude is endless. I wish you success in all endeavors, including this present one!

  • Totally agree with Mary and Anon
    Hasnt the horse already bolted here given that so many of us taken this clearly under researched drug
    I have to disagree with Rollo – researching patients and HCP understanding of a drug, for a drug company, after it has been widely prescribed already…. …?( What the actual…. springs to mind)
    Really disconcerting without an explanation of what anti drug antibodies are, the ramifications of this and a full explanation – clearly you know most don’t know this or you wouldn’t have asked the question(s)
    Looking forwards to further information to add to the ‘well that’s scary’ box

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