Antibody response after immunosuppression


Elisabeth G. Celius Normal antibody response after COVID-19 during treatment with cladribine. MSARDS

  • This case report describes a patient with a mild COVID-19 infection during second year treatment with cladribine.
  • Normal immune response with detectable antibodies to SARS-CoV2 three months after the infection.
  • This case illustrates that even during active, second year treatment with cladribine the patient experienced a mild COVID-19 infection and was able to mount an adequate immune response to the infection.

At the moment we are not sure what an antibody response means, but is better to make one than not but if you can make an antibody response against the COVID-19 virus you can make one against other infections. In terms of the high efficacy drugs information about the response to vaccination in people treated with cladribine is rather lacking.

To date anti-viral responses have been found with most people treated with MS drugs, with a few exceptions. Some companies have been forecoming with reports of responses to COVID-19 infection We need this information moving forward.

CD20-depletion seems to inhibit the formation of antibody responses in some people. Does it stop T cell responses. I don’t know but I suspect not. This is the data we need. Are these treatments “Vaccine compatible?. Hopefully the manufacturers can address these question by testing to see if people with COVID have produced antibodies. In terms of COVID-19 most granularity relates to CD20-depletion.

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