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The launch of ChariotM, to treat people with MS who are in wheel chairs, is near. Hopefully we will soon be recruting our first participants.

Sadly ProfG seems to have been showing too much solidarity with the participants and has decided to stop walking for a while. He will be practising “think-hand” a lot.

As you know he has had an accident and is suffering from broken bones and pain. He has undergone a 5 hour operation to stabilise his pelvis, but that is just the start. He sends thanks for your kind words. We are sure he has been taking his vitamin D to aid bone health and will be determined to get up and about as soon as he can.

We are trying to fill the void and the gang are rallying round to do what we can to cover his teaching and clinical stuff and will strive to ensure your care is not unduly affected.

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What happened?….Clue….ProfG was not the one on the MotorBike

We all wish him well for a speedy recovery.

The Queen had a “Annus horribilis” and this is clearly a Anus horribilis as it has been a SH1 year for so many differnt reasons, but hopefuly it will be a  annus mirabilis next year

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  • I am personally so grateful to Prof G and this blog for keeping me abreast of practice changing research, reviews, and insight. The humor and intelligence of all of the authors has made it not only an informational but enjoyable read. Prof G’s continued emphasis on women in the MS space has also been appreciated far and wide.

    When I read the blog article earlier today I felt physically ill, like I was reading the news about a freak accident involving a family member.

    This really is some peak 2020 bad luck and I am so distraught that such a powerhouse and MS advocate like GG is sidelined by such a tragedy.

    Please let me know how to send goodies from the US! Office address?

    Marina C.

  • Terrible news The Don G!
    Arg I hope you have got a good lawyer.
    ..(Out of pocket expenses, rehabilitation, wages, care claim….lost sponsorship revenue… your claim could run to tens of thousands)…
    Clearly the muppet on the motorcycle was not paying attention – praise Jesus, Mary (and the little donkey that took them to Bethlehem) that the ejit didn’t do worse damage – he could have killed you ! (Sorry I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve heard that)
    You have a good team about you at home and work – so please do not fret about anything at all, especially not us lot
    Your only mission at the moment is to rest, rehabilitate, recuperate (and ruminate I bet)
    Hugs ✨♥️✨

  • I am looking forward to many posts from Prof G on what is is like experiencing the NHS from the other side of the fence – being the patient!! Best wishes for a good recovery Prof G. You have made my journey with MS so much easier for you deserve all the best support and care.

  • I’m just an anonymous occasional commentator with “PPMS” your blog, but I have great respect for Professor Giovannoni and I am truly sorry about his accident and injuries. I do hope you keep us informed of his hopefully speedy recovery. Best of wishes to him.

  • There’s a book called In Shock, about a ICU doc that becomes a patient in the same ward. Prof G is an amazing doctor and I wish him a speedy recovery. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Thank you for posting the updated “news” of prof G.
    Sad to know what he’s been through…………….
    and the suffering he is in ………………………………
    The MS community needs him, he has made so much. Strong support to him, many good and optimistic thoughts for a full recovery to prof G. And awaiting further updated news of him. Best and huge wishes for his recovery.

    Prof G take all the time you need to heal and rest.

  • Thanks MD and good illustration, Prof G must be doing well for such a light hearted post! Or perhaps this is just normal Yorkshire humour?

    Get better soon Prof G and thanks to all stepping up at team Barts xx

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