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If you are not interested read no further.

ProfG has had an accident and Contruary to a few suggestions, I don’t think Sid/Dr Dre was riding the motor bike:-) ….but they have been quiet:-)

To give you an update. As I understand it, ProfG’s pelvis has been put back together. I am not sure if they used pins, superglue, or just vitamin D :-), but it took them 5 hours to do this. Furtheremore, he has now also recieved spinal surgery on the broken neck, so hopefully he can avoid the need for the class A’s.

He has apparently been moved to a Neurology….So I suspect he will be giving teaching sessions to any young docors frequenting the ward.

Importantly, hopefully the pain will start to subside soon…but just in case…Can the CCSVI and HSCT nutters please take those pins out of that doll:-)

I made a lil voodoo doll pin cushion! I love him. : crochet
ProfG doll

ProfG thanks you for all for the kind of words of support…they are very much appreciated thanks.

I am sure you will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

ProgG thanks people for their donations,but you can still help and donate to the Barts-MS COVID-19 Antibody study. The team need to raise the money by the end of the year.

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  • Wishing this super human being, who so frequently helps others, recovery wishes that not only he heal quickly and listens to HIS doctors, but also accept the joy of a reduced schedule.

  • 🍑🍌🍐🍇🍊
    Sending some virtual fruit to aid his recovery.
    Sorry someone has already started on the banana, but isn’t that what we visitors do, eat the fruit intended for the patient 😂😂.
    Sincere wishes for a speedy recovery xx

  • It’s striking how connected to this fella so many of us feel – never met him or likely to, nor even see him in the flesh! But, I’m truly distressed by what ProfG is having to contend with post his run in with a motorcycle.

    Does make me smile – the thought of his engaging with fellow clinicians, especially as you say MD the newly trained neuros. Maybe he’ll successfully have them all routinely reading the Blog.

    SERIOUSLY HOPE that ProfG has the most complete recovery possible and returns to us all sometime next year as the man we know and then some!

    Also hoping the impact on all of you as his colleagues and on his family isn’t too difficult.
    Sending good vibes.

    • I am sure he is getting some inside knowledge in pain mamanagment and neurally-radiating pain…text books in action. As a back pain suffer I certainly know how it feel like to have you nerves affected. Last time it went was in the lake district, set off by putting my mums suitcase in the boot, the spasms struck in the Bowness High street and I was hanging off some Lake district slate wall, as I couldn’t bear any weight…eventually crawled on footpath to get inside….now that was a great family christmas…not.

  • Thank you for the update. I wince, thinking of what he is going through at the moment. Wishing him strength and energy to get through it all. Hopefully the worst will be by with soon. His family must be upset, good wishes to them too.

  • Thank you so much for the updates! I wish ProfG a speedy recovery including from the pain. So many people have benefited from ProfG’s care and hard work.
    This is the time to send back some warm thoughts and positive energies.

  • MD,

    I wish no harm to Prof G and hope he recovers quickly.

    I’ve heard on the grapevine that the police have a huge list of potential riders of the motorcycle including:

    – An assassin hired by the pharma companies who manufacture the CRAB MS therapies;
    – An assassin hired by “The Friends of EBV Society”.
    – Oti Mabuse of Strictly Come Dancing (is it just a coincidence that Prof G fled South Africa the year Oti was born?).
    – Jeremy Corbyn (Prof G’s endorsement of JC was a key factor in Labour’s performance in the 2019 election).
    – A debt collector working for Harrods wine department (what Prof G spends each month on expensive wines could pay for the Covid Antibody study).
    – Oscar Pistorius (on the basis that he is South African and has form).
    – Winnie Mandela (see OP above).
    – MD2 (I’ve often found the Welsh to be quite bitter and vengeful people).

    I do have sympathy for the doctors and nurses looking after Prof G. He can be a bit of a know all. A bit like the Harry Enfield character ‘Mr You-Don’t-Wanna-Do-It-Like-That’. I hope the NHS catering department can provide Prof G with low carb meals and a couple of glasses of Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru.

    I expect Prof G will make a quick recovery. He can spend some time catching up on Loose Women and Supermarket Sweep.

    In a week’s time (assuming he has an iPad in hospital), I see no reason why he can’t start producing some posts for the blog etc.

    Best wishes Prof G.


    • I know you dont wish him harm, but someone did indeed ask how your motor bike was….Having spent some time inside…not in prison but at the Royal London I found that the most palateable food was the Indian/Balgladeshi/Asian food but you may not get this on the menu in Sarf London Hospitals. As for watching “loose women” it sound like you are spending too much time indoors and as for Supermarket sweep I shudder to think….One advantage of having a day job. Not sure how good the internet is down South, it is pretty rubbish in the Royal London and A7E is a dead spot….luuckily there is a thing called Eduroam for academics so we get free wi fi in any university setting around the world

  • Prayers 🙏🏼 For Dr. G 😎
    Watch those Neurologists 🙄
    Don’t Sign 🖊 anything!
    Somehow Lock Down Your Medical Records 📝
    Speech/PT/OT ASAP 🕺🏼
    Prophylaxis for DVT prevention. Support hose. ROM.
    Nurses, isn’t it weird taking care of a Doctor 🧑🏼‍⚕️?
    They have feelings too, give him a big shoulder 👩🏻‍⚕️
    Best Wishes

  • Hello MD. Send Prof G a virtual hug from me. I bet he even prefers that kind right now as he’s probably pretty sore. Tell him we (MS community) are all rooting for him. And tell him to take up swimming instead. No motorcyclists in the sea or in swimming pools. Or maybe run in the park. I run and swim (though it was pretty rough yesterday) but wouldn’t fancy running London Streets. Plenty of parks in our capital city. And Sid should send him a bunch of grapes or something. Does Sid actually do research? If so , who pays him? MS people, PLEASE keep contributing to Pro G’s research fund. Shame on you if you didn’t first time round. He’s doing it for US!!

  • Prof G I am so saddened to hear about your accident and I am wishing you a speedy and full recovery!! We need you back in the New Year doing everything you do so well for the Neurology Speciality worldwide to help us patients! You are so valued by us all!!
    I hope your getting VIP treatment!! You deserve it. Once again wishing you Prof G a full recovery! You take care.
    Best Wishes, Neil

  • I certainly hope that motorcycle driver feels adequate remorse. No small injury -happy it was not worse, do not envy his recovery ahead. 2020 strikes again!
    I for one do appreciate these updates thank you Dr MD 🐭

  • Best wishes for speedy recovery, shocking and terrible news, but hope that Prof G recovers quickly with no consequences for the future!

  • I am still in a bit of shock at this news; Prof G has an invincible aura that true luminaries attain (whether sought or not) and to be struck down so viciously by capricious fate is surreal, unfair and so on. The only silver lining is not being worse but that is not to belittle the long battle ahead. First hand knowledge of the health system and disability even if hopefully transient should not be so extreme.
    My best wishes to you, your near and dear and the team as you rest and recuperate.

  • Prof G – Why do the worst things happen to the best people? Anyway, thrilled to hear you’re already being pegged and glued together. I hope they have Britain’s finest carpenters and joiners on it. If not, demand the finest, because we all want to see you up and out-thinking everyone a.s.a.p.

    Now some advice, gratis and well worth the cost, from someone with a sturdy Exeter femoral neck fixed atop his Right Lower Extremity.

    First, it’s the world’s oldest groaner, but I swear that when initialling pre-op paperwork my wife and I arrived at a sheet prominently labelled Left Hip. Everyone had a good laugh, then someone pulled a marker from her white coat and inked a large purple circle on my skin at the correct incision site. So, by some corollary of Murphy’s Law, it does happen. If you’re to undergo any unilateral procedure please triple-check.

    Second, physiotherapists were put on earth to be obeyed, and exercises were created to be performed. Obey them and do them. (I know of a Colles’ fracture that had to be re-broken at 12 months and reset because of non-compliance with PT prescribed to disperse scar tissue.)

    Third, prepare for a post-fracture encounter with rheumatology, at which you would be strongly encouraged to begin anti-resorptive therapy for presumed osteopenia. Your BMD is probably robust, but on the scales now in use, suffering one fracture, however caused, catapults you immediately from low- to high-risk for a second. In my experience at least, reasoning is futile. You’ve been warned.

    Best wishes on your recovery, Prof G. We miss you!

  • Sorry to hear this news Prof G, but pleased to hear you are being put back together.

    You are truly a force of nature, I met you last year and avidly read all your blog postings as they arrive.
    If only other neurologists were cut from the same cloth as you.

    Please get well soon.

    Best wishes to you and your family.


    PS: I know you like good music. Here’s a few names to checkout in YouTube to help your rehabilitation …

    Ryan Adams/Peter Broderick/Jeff Buckley/Sandy Denny/Nick Drake/Frazey Ford/Glen Hanseard/Anna Mieke/Richard Hawley/Rachid Taha/LP/Natalie Merchant/Meshell Ndegeocello/Agnes Obel/Mandolin Orange/The Lone Bellow/The Breath/Alabama Shakes/Bears Den/Hiss Golden Messenger/The Gloaming

    • Surprised you didn’t recommend this one
      As Prof G is not in a condition to head band g at the moment, The MDs will hold fire on their recommendations.

  • Thanks for the positive updates MD (in your usual unique style complete with illustrations) please keep them coming!

    Prof G we all love you dearly and wish you the very best for your recovery.

    Love the virtual fruit gift above, I raise this with a wedge of virtual cheese 🧀 and a film recommendation

    The most beautiful film, so tender and involving… nothing political and nothing much to do with people at all. And action all takes place in South Africa, what’s not to love?

    • really cool film. Highly recommended..How can you eat them…its like eating kitties..Maybe ProfG can take up swimming, however best watch out for the jetskis 🙂

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