On Saturday Professor Giovannoni was involved in an accident and sustained a minor head injury, fractured cervical spine, fractured pelvis and several soft tissue contusions. He was struck by a motorcycle travelling at high-speed whilst he was out running. As a result, he will be off work for several weeks and is likely to return to work in January 2021 or later after a period of rehabilitation.

All his current work commitments will either be done by his colleagues, cancelled or postponed including this week’s webinar.

As he will be offline for some time he asked if you would consider being so kind and donate to the Barts-MS COVID-19 Antibody study. The team need to raise the money by the end of the year.

Thank you.

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  • Am very distressed and sorry to read this.
    Heal well Dr. Giavonnani and feel better soon. Am lifting you up in prayer.

  • I cannot believe it
    Gavin is the kindest man I have ever
    met in my life, I have to say I’m stumped for

    Please send him my unconditional love,
    I pray for him, our amazing friend and human being.

    XXXXX lots of love Sophia ❤️🙏

  • What awful news! Please convey my sincerest “get well” sentiments to Dr. G. By the sound of the accident, I suppose we should be glad that this wasn’t worse news, but still… Thank you, Dr. G, for all of your contributions to the MS universe, and here’s wishing you a speedy recovery…

    • Yes, Prof G, sending you prayers for a speedy recovery! And I also send my heartfelt thanks for all you’ve done to enhance the knowledge of us MSers. P.S. Wheelchair, glad to see your words, you Marc too have contributed much to the MS universe, and I thank you for your kind note to me several years ago…All my best.

  • I wish him a full and speedy recovery.
    Many deny the role of high dose oxygen therapy in a barochamber. Ironically, IoM TT motorcycle racers routinely have this treatment after crashes and their fractures heal in half the time. I have seen somebody on their 3rd tib and fib ex-fix, facing amputation of their leg, start to heal. Their orthopaedic surgeon denies it has anything to do with the only altered variable and would prefer to lay the credit with the Ilizarov 3rd try. Prof G can find his nearest centre through the MSNTC website,

  • please give him my very best wishes for a speedy recovery, as someone with MS i love his very informative posts but his recovery is now the most important thing.

  • So sorry to hear this. Wishing Prof G a healthy and speedy recovery, thank you all for all the hard work and research you do for us in the MS Community

  • I am so sorry to read this news – what a dreadful thing to happen. My best wishes to Prof G for a quick recovery from his injuries.

  • Shocked and saddened to read this. Thoughts with Gavin, his wife and family Huge thanks to colleagues for stepping up. Love to all.

  • Praying for your rapid and successful recovery. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of……….Also, aa useful and productive time of reflection on all your excellent and devoted work.

  • Oh what a horrible thing to happen. The roads really need to be made safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Wishing Prof G a speedy recovery.

  • Bloody hell!!! How shit is that, it sounds awful. Hope you make a good recovery. Sending all healing thoughts. Rest up!

  • In the MS community we will miss him greatly whilst he recovers. I rely on him for so much information and follow his comments on Twitter. That this accident has happened is bad news and I wish him a speedy recovery. We look forward to having him back very soon.

  • I am very sorry to hear that and I’m glad it wasn’t worse , he’s still with us .
    I hope your recovery goes well and that you rest and recover and come back to us , we need you in these times .
    Best wishes

  • I’m sorry to hear the accident but gkad that it was not worse. My prayers for your smooth recovery Prof Giovannoni.

  • We will miss your very valuable presence in our MS world. You sound super healthy and I’m sure a, full recovery will be yours. Have a good rest.

  • So sorry to hear about the accident. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a return to fitness so you can continue your excellent work in the field of MS.

  • I am really sorry to hear the news that Prof G has had an accident. I send him my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. His unique input will be greatly missed until he is back.

  • Terrible news! All the best Gavin for a speedy recovery. You will be missed by pwMS far and wide – till your return!!

  • I was saddened to learn about Professor Giovannoni’s accident. Hopefully he will recover quickly and get back to work in no time. As a contributor to the cause, I wish him a full and complete recovery.

  • So very sorry to have this news and really hope ProfG that you have a full and speedy recovery!
    Heck! but everyone on the Blog will miss your posts and we all want you to be back sharing and caring as only you can do! For now tho it’s clearly full on healing + R&R for you – with heartfelt best wishes from us all!
    Hopefully when the recuperation can involve reading the Blog you find it beneficial to read the replies to this post❤️

  • This is terrible news, for Prof G first of course but also for the MS community. Get well soon. I do hope that it will spur on the fundraising effort. I’m still shocked at the lack of support. Whether people believe in the cause or not, i would have expected contributions to soar as a token of appreciation for this (free) blog and the contributions of the whole team

  • Gavin, sending you all our love and best wishes from the entire family and really hope it’s a speedy recovery. I was knocked for six when I heard the news and am just thankful that you seem to be stable and hopefully getting the best care possible. Hope that the family are coping OK and that you’re back on your feet as soon as practically possible!

  • The work you’ve done for those with MS is immeasurable. I hope you heal quickly and know the great support you have from so many in the MS community.

    Can this s*** year be over soon enough?

  • I’m so shocked to hear this… How terrifying this crash must’ve been! And terrible injuries … Thank God the Doc has not suffered worse but this still sounds awful. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

  • Please heal well and take your time. Your temporary absence in the MS community will be felt, but we will all be here when you return. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery, Dr. G.

  • Oh no. Sounds very painful. I wish you a speedy recovery.
    You’ve had a huge impact on my wife’s treatment plan and I’m forever grateful.

  • Get well soon professor gavin giovannoni. I am soo sorry this has happened to you 🙁 . I do hope u get well soon we still need u. I am so sorry for ur family as well it most be a stressful moment. I am sure u willl get betterrr. Sending prayerss.

  • This is terrible news, Prof. G. Traumatic for you and your family, and a temporary loss for your patients and the MS communities where you make such valuable contributions. I hope the accident is thoroughly investigated and the person who struck you is sanctioned accordingly.

    Best wishes in your recovery and rehab. Listen to the physiotherapists – they have so much knowledge and wisdom. And – do your exercises!

  • 😮
    Just eyestarday I was talking with my neuro about running in the street
    Wishing Prof G a rapid recovering

    Take care best whises Luis fernando

  • A fallen hero for sure!! Prof G. is strong. I wish him a full and quick recovery. If everyone posting well wishes can donate (if you have not done so already), we will easily hit our goal. Just think, while Prof G. is recovering, he now has more time to debate with blog commentators 🙂🤕

  • Bloody hell Prof G. Take care of yourself and I wish you a speedy recovery. Thanks for keeping me sane during the pandemic (and you MD) and thanks for still thinking of us even from your sick bed!

  • So sorry to hear this terrible news! Please recover quickly and fully — the MS patient and research communities need you!

  • Wishing a speedy recovery Prof G. You have had our backs for decades. Having you in our thoughts (and prayers for the believers) is the least we can do.

  • ProfG -You are a good heart. Best wishes for a uneventful complete and speedy recovery. Positive thoughts from Australia 🇦🇺

  • So sorry to hear this. What a distressing time for you ProG, and your family. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. So many are people sending their thoughts and well wishes your way!

  • Let’s hope that all that pre-habilitation Prof G put himself through in preparation for being struck down with Covid will hasten his recovery. I do hope the person responsible will face justice and that it wasn’t a hit-and-run.

  • My thoughts and prayers are with Professor Giovannoni and his family for a very positive outcome. He truly is my main source of valuable information. He has made me feel a relative sense of security through my MS journey knowing that there is someone who cares deeply about all of the many people suffering from this disease.

  • Really shocked and saddened to hear about this. Wishing Prof G a speedy and full recovery. Running this blog is such a thoughtful and caring thing to do … I hope he receives lots of care and attention in return as he recovers.

  • Prof G, your posts have often brought me hope, and always, information. Thinking of you at this time, and wishing you all the best for a fully and speedy recovery.

  • Dear Professor Giovannoni,

    Thank u for you all your incredible efforts in the MS world. I will miss reading you on the Blog and learning so much from U. Look forward to hearing from you again when u recover, in the meantime take good care of yourself. X.

  • Oh what am awful thing to happen to you Prof G. You are such a wonderful advocate for all pwMS. I will “hold you in the light” and hope your recovery is speedy and FULL.

  • Thank you for everything you do for those of us with MS, Prof G! You’re one of my heroes!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Dr Giovanni, sorry to hear about your accident while running. I don’t know if you believer, but I will pray and light a candle for you any way. Have a speedy recovery Dr. Giovanni. I will look forward to reading any of you findings in the near future!

  • Dr Giovanni, sorry to hear about your accident while running. I don’t know if you believer, but I will pray and light a candle for you any way. Have a speedy recovery Dr. Giovanni. I will look forward to reading any of you findings in the near future! Lisa, from PA

  • Oh so sorry. As if 2020 were not bad enough. May the healing be steady and the pain decreasing. If your mattress is uncomfortable with those back injuries, check out the Zinus ones that come in a box and expand- super comfortable for sore backs. Your presence on the blog will be sorely missed.

  • Terrible news. So sorry to hear of this incident.
    We are all thinking of you, and wish you a swift recovery.
    You are a beacon of light, we need you in one piece!

  • Terrible news. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks for all you do for MS. Merry Christmas. Joan H

  • Dr Giovannoni,
    We are so sorry to hear about your accident. We will keep you in our thoughts and hope you have a speedy recovery. We wish you and your family all the best.
    The Ashfield Healthcare Communications team

  • I was so sad to hear about this terrible news. I do not pretend to know the prof well, but I know he is a strong man. On behalf of all my neurons I wish him a speeding recovery.

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