If you want to get rid of EBV maybe time to look at CAR-T


This is one for the hard-core scientisty types, but you ask about how to get rid of EBV. Here is a type of vaccination. You engineer T cells tonget rid of EBV. This is a mouse study but the CAR-T technology can and has been used in humans

CAR-T Cells Targeting Epstein-Barr Virus gp350 Validated in a Humanized Mouse Model of EBV Infection and Lymphoproliferative Disease.Slabik C, Kalbarczyk M, Danisch S, Zeidler R, Klawonn F, Volk V, Krönke N, Feuerhake F, Ferreira de Figueiredo C, Blasczyk R, Olbrich H, Theobald SJ, Schneider A, Ganser A, von Kaisenberg C, Lienenklaus S, Bleich A, Hammerschmidt W, Stripecke R.Mol Ther Oncolytics. 2020 Aug 8;18:504-524. doi: 10.1016/j.omto.2020.08.005

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a latent and oncogenic human herpesvirus. Lytic viral protein expression plays an important role in EBV-associated malignancies. The EBV envelope glycoprotein 350 (gp350) is expressed abundantly during EBV lytic reactivation and sporadically on the surface of latently infected cells. Here we tested T cells expressing gp350-specific chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) containing scFvs derived from two novel gp350-binding, highly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies. The scFvs were fused to CD28/CD3ζ signaling domains in a retroviral vector. The produced gp350CAR-T cells specifically recognized and killed gp350+ 293T cells in vitro. The best-performing 7A1-gp350CAR-T cells were cytotoxic against the EBV+ B95-8 cell line, showing selectivity against gp350+ cells. Fully humanized Nod.Rag.Gamma mice transplanted with cord blood CD34+ cells and infected with the EBV/M81/fLuc lytic strain were monitored dynamically for viral spread. Infected mice recapitulated EBV-induced lymphoproliferation, tumor development, and systemic inflammation. We tested adoptive transfer of autologous CD8+gp350CAR-T cells administered protectively or therapeutically. After gp350CAR-T cell therapy, 75% of mice controlled or reduced EBV spread and showed lower frequencies of EBER+ B cell malignant lymphoproliferation, lack of tumor development, and reduced inflammation. In summary, CD8+gp350CAR-T cells showed proof-of-concept preclinical efficacy against impending EBV+ lymphoproliferation and lymphomagenesis.

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  • “infected with the EBV/M81/fLuc lytic strain”

    Ebv presistence in humans its mostly a latent infection

    Do those Car-t cells get rid of latent infection?


  • Thoughts on using tenofovir (TAF), an Anti-HIV drug with strong anti-EBV properties, two target EBV in MS patients?

    In conjunction with my neuro, I’m seriously considering giving this a try. The drug has very strong anti-EBV properties, and is widely used to treat HIV patients. Some concerns over kidney and liver toxicity, as well as lactic acid buildup, but these can be monitored.

    I will be on the “any port in a storm” stage, and this seems like a reasonable port. Any ideas, pro or con?

    • We need anti-EBV drug trials in MS asap. When is someone in the MS field going to step up ? Black swan is getting tired.

    • Hi there,

      Please update us on this matter.
      I’m also looking at EBV. Relapsed 5 years after AHSCT. Checked my EBV levels and IGm were still high. Wondering if chemotherapy hasn’t cleaned it or maybe I’ve caught it agai.

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