Managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and its Co-morbidities


My name is Sumayyah and as a part of my final year research project I am on a 12-week placement with the aim of planning and designing patient information in a form that is accessible to many MS patients. This is to help them manage their co-morbidities alongside their MS.

Co-morbidity means having more than one disease or condition at the same time as a disease of interest i.e. other conditions alongside MS. 

Investigating comorbidities in the MS population, I would like to increase my understanding about the effects of them, gather knowledge about how they are treated and how this can be improved.

The survey below will take approximately 5-7 minutes and by conducting it, I would like to gauge how patients receive their information and how relevant the current information out there already is. My core aim is to introduce a new and exciting idea to help patients self-manage their conditions. I would really appreciate any feedback about the project and thank you for participation.

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  • A useful short survey. It might be worth mentioning confidentiality and how the information might be shared or used.

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