In the news you have heard that there in an antibody study planned for a trial to test an antibody cocktail against COVID-19 virus. This one has been made by a UK based pharma company.

People on B cell depleting antibodies could be where such a treatment has merit as it could give the antibodies in people who don’t make enough of them, but cancer is another area where it will be easier to do the study.

There are others antibodies and another cocktail of such antibodies are in trials in people who are infected with COVID-19.

We have seen with convalescent sera (antibodies from people who have had and recovered from COVID-19) that this can lead to failure because although the virus is cleared people dont show enhanced recovery. It is thought that synthetic monoclonal antibodies can reduce this as it make not have pro-clotting factors from the convalescent sera. I am not so sure. It depends on the antibodies and if the antibody tail is not inactivated it could lead to killing of the infected targets and could target the virus to the innate immune system. But the best use of such antibodies is in the prevention of infection. The trumpster got 8g of antibody and this would hang around for quite a long time. Using animals as a template it would easy to work out levels that give protection.

However, this approach has the opportunity to protect people who do not make an antibody response. The makers of B cell depleting antibodies for MS, arthritis and other autoimmune conditions make one such cocktail. So there may be alternatives for people who don’t make a good vaccine response

However, perhaps the best study would be to treat front line health care workers and see if infections are reduced

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