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casirivimab and imdevimab, bamlanivimab

If you live in the USA the FDA has given emergency approval for two antibodies (one a cocktail of two antibodies 1.2g cashirivimab and imdevimab 1.2g) and the other a single 0.7g antibody (Bamlanivimab) available for the old age people likely to become severe to reduce the chance of hospitalization. It is not approved for severely affected people who are hospitalised and require oxygen. So they have at last got it more right. You use an anti-viral when there is virus to remove and give it early enough so there is a chance of it working. Not late. Again trial design has probably doomed some agents to failure. That is why I bang on about trial being so critical to MS trials

REGN-COV2 binding SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.png

The UK antibody in trial is to be given as a prophylactic treatment to stop people geting infected. This is the best use for this type of agent and may be of value to people with MS if the trials prove positive.

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