#MSCOVID19 Vaccine Shows Efficacy in Phase III


The race to produce the first licenced COVID-19 has been won by…Yep you Guessed it……….the Russians. OK it was abit of a fiddle, as they approved without doing the necessary tests. So we will ignore this.

However good news for humanity and MS.

If you have MS and are on a disease modifying treatment it is advised that you do not have live (attenuated) vaccines in the fear that they may create an active infection.

The UK vaccine invented by Oxford but manufactured and developed by Astrazeneca is weeks away from being deployed I suspect. However, this is a live virus. Will they give it to you? Maybe, but I think neuros will run scared because they hear the word “live”. However, it is a replication incompetent virus so it infects a cell once and then that is it, it can’t replicate. So not quite a live virus. Also being an adenovirus it stays in the cell cytoplasm and does not integrate into your DNA. Watch this space positive information will be announced soon. I suspect

However neuros will be a cautious bunch and with steer clear unless there is safety info produced by the DMT manufacturers.

So todays news is great as a vaccine arrives that is not alive. It is an RNA vaccine. RNA says make protein and this then activates the vaccine response. This is the Worlds first RNA vaccine. The challenge will be to gear up to mass production but it has been shown that Pharma power is what you need.

When the COVID -19 started Moderna (USA company) was given the go ahead to start human trials without the animal safety data. The beauty of the RNA vaccine is that you can synthesise the genetic code to make it. If the virus mutates you can change the sequence easy. Moderna was quickly off the block but a German company made the current vaccine called BNT162b2. Small companies can’t develop drugs so they teamed up with the American Giant Pfizer to mass produce the drug and do the tests. They have vaccinated about 45,000 people in their trials.

BNT162b1 is against the binding site of the COVID-19 vaccine and BNT162b2 is against the spike protein. This the agent used in the trials. It causes a neutralizing antibody response and this stops you getting infected with SARS-CoV-2.

The trial says it is it is 90% effective in stopping the viral infection.

The announcment says

Vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-1994 confirmed cases of COVID-19 /43,538 participants,  No serious safety concerns have been observed3

As you can see it gives as good a response as people who have been infected and it can work in old and young people

1.Walsh et al MedRXiv 2020 doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.08.17.20176651

This vaccine could be used in MS. It also heralds a way to make viral vaccines, who knows maybe EBV one day.

BBC graphic

The challenge will be to mass produce the vaccine. They recome they can get a billion doses by end of 2021 so that is half a billion people. Not enough for the world but 8months ago it was said that it would be 18 months to a vaccine and her we are.

This vaccine will get killer T cells going too.

P.S. They can make the vaccine even better as the next generation could juice up the T cells to another viral protein. This vaccine will get Spike T cells activated, but with nucleocapsid T cells we can do even better

Natural infection to SARS-COV-2 has nucleocapsid T cells Sheiling et al. medRxiv preprint doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.11.04.20225417

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  • Thank you very much! According to the data from the German trial (doi.org/10.1038/s41586-020-2814-7) the majority of particpants show robust CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses. Is it likely that PwMS on B cell depleting drugs like Ocrelizumab can benefit from the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine? Thank you!

    • it is an American trial with a german technology fingolimod is a swiss Drug with a Japanese technology.
      Yes the fact they show a good T cell response is good. This could be all that you need, but it may not be. They will need to do a study in ocrelizumab rituximab ofatumumab I would think vaccinating before the next dose is the best chance and should be done ASAP. If you make antibody and T cell response you dont need to wait for infections, likewise I would want those who have delayed treatment to get it as they have better cahnace of positive we will have to see

      • Oh, I overlooked the B1 and B2 variants, thank you, Mousedoctor. But I still feel a bit less desperate after I read abot the T cell response. I had to switch to Ocrevus recently (because the alternatives are not suitable for me according to my neurologist, and she is usually right).

    • Dear Chris
      If want to do a post on this for the lay readers, simply email us send to prof Baker (not ProfG) emails at top, gives us a picture of yourself and declare any conflicts. I am sure the readers would be interested.

  • Oh wow so the one that has been in the news today is the German one and is one that people with MS could have? Eek I’m actually quite excited at this news….!

    • To be honest I didn’t get too excited cos I thought pwMS wouldn’t be able to take it, but this is excellent news. The more people who can take it the better chance the world has of reopening. Next question is will there be enough people vaccinated to give herd immunity to the anti vaxxers?

  • Thanks as always MD – this time for providing us all with a rapid turn around post after today’s announcement.
    Is particularly great to know this vaccine can’t fall foul of the ‘live’ issue for those of us with MS.
    Massively hope it doesn’t fall foul of anything else and is safely rolled out ASAP!

    • Based on current projections we (Pfizer) expect to produce globally up to 50 million vaccine doses in 2020 and up to 1.3 billion doses in 2021
      Bojo said Britain had now ordered 40 million doses of the candidate vaccine developed by Pfizer Inc and BioNTech, enough to give protection to a third of the population. His spokesman said 10 million doses were due by the end of 2020 pending regulatory approval.

      A couple of weeks ago GP were told to get ready to vaccinate over 85s

  • Why are the government going to prioritise people based on age even as young as 60 before giving the vaccine to people with underlying illnesses who have spent the best part of the year shielding?

      • Those shielding who are younger but still more vulnerable than a healthy 65 year are not all immunosuppressed so why are they not higher up on the list?
        For example someone who has an illness who is 45 years old , is not immunosuppression and the illness precludes a live vaccine surely should be high up on the list before this particular vaccine runs out?

  • Can’t believe you support this lunacy, to force vaccinate a population with never before used medical rechnology which has no long term study into its effects. This mRNA stuff alters the way our DNA functions when dealing with viral infections, how can that possibly be safe? Do no harm is one of the foundations of medical practice, and this seems to have been thrown out of the window to endanger the lives of everyone who is forced to ibe injected with this. Iwould say just look at what history says and shows what happens about those who seek to control populations through lies and fear.

    • Wondered how long it would be before the anti-vax bol***ks appeared.

      Personally, I think the jury is still out on the usefulness of fire 😉

    • Do no harm….1 million dead and counting…

      Modern Medicine and innovation has made a vast difference to the life span of indivudals and all technology was new at one point. Do you honestly believe that they will force vaccinate people? With your attitude you don’t need to vaccinate every one…just the uninfected willing to be vaccinated and those unwilling can take their chances when infection occurs.

      Anti-VAXing is going to be the issue for 2021…and with attitudes like yours, this is why the pandemic will probably grumble for years to come. Look at history….yes the year of COVID will be remembered just like the Black Death and the Great Plaque, 1918 flu before it. They had no vaccine and no choice, you may have a choice.

      Maybe COVID-19 will become endemic and kill off the elderly, once their immune system ages. Just like fthe flu already does. Maybe you have been infected and feel safe..How safe are your parents, grand parents uncles and aunts and friends or children with a health problem. Maybe you wont get infected. However, with time you will come closer to the time when you are going to be elderly or gain a few risk factors and could have a bad day and be one of the Acceptable losses for the year. For people with MS not only is age a risk but so is disability. If you are above EDSS 6 you appear to be on average 6 times the risk of dying than if you are under EDSS 6. There are only 5 million doses (2 per person of the 10 million acllocated) of the first vaccine with about 1.3 million health care workers. People over 85 come first….. There is not enough vaccine to force vaccinate people.

      However, what ever you decide to do you need to base this on sound logic. So you have made a statement “This RNA alters our DNA when dealing with viral functions”.I challenge you to put-up or shut up! Please tell us on what grounds you think this the case and where is the published supportive evidence that supports your claim. If you make a compelling argument people may want to follow your cause.
      Of course there will be side effects but it is all about balance

      DNA makes RNA. RNA makes protein so injected RNA makes protein once it has been used up it is gone. It is not going to integrate into the DNA. You body is producing millions of RNA molecules every day. Likewise adenovirus does not integrate into the DNA and it is replication incompetent.

      Andrew Wakefield is seen as a hero by anti-VAxers…Having met him about forty years ago and being the victim of some of his lazy, mad ideas…I can argue that he is abit of an A-hole. You may be one of the lucky ones who is asymptomatic just like the mask-less idiots on public transport who think they are invincible, but have no respect for the concerns of others who may be vulnerable. I am rather sad my T shirt maker is no more as I would have a new range of clothes already

      I signed up for the vaccine yesterday, yep they are doing a study on Queen Mary staff and students. I will read about the risk and the benefits

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