#MSCOVID19 Vaccines are like buses..Two come along together


It seems that COVID-19 like vaccines you wait 8 months for one and then two come at the same time, just like waiting for a Bus.

News from Joanne McCartney: Joanne welcomes TfL's decision to improve  hospital transport links | London City Hall


This time we have another RNA vaccine abit like the other one. So this now gives people with MS two choices. This new one has the code mRNA-1273.

This give very similar results, in fact the results are nearerly identical to the study using BNT162b. In the mRNA-1273 study the results are also based on about 95/~30,0000 people infected with SARS-CoV-2 and the level of protection is over 90-95% and of the vaccinated people who got disease the symptoms were mild….This just what you want from a vaccine.

We have heard following Pres Trumpster’s first speech since losing that both these agents are likely to get approved by the FDA before Christmas

So the bar has been set for the others to equal or better. Anything below 90% protection will be seen as inferior to the RNA vaccines. In terms of anti-COVID levels the adenoviral vaccines may be abit lower, but the question is how long do the antibodies last. the company making RNA-1273 had people treated since March.

ProfG will be happy to know that they have an EBV specific vaccine mRNA-1195.

Big question which big Pharma is going to eat them up

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  • Finaly a vaccine for EBV is on the horizon. I am so happy right now thank you for sharing I would not of found that out by myself. I just hope that its development to market is quick.

      • “they have an EBV specific vaccine mRNA-1195”

        “Big question which big Pharma is going to eat them up”

        “Maybe ProfG can get out and do the MS study let’s hope”

        What is mRNA-1195..?……EBV is mRNA-1189…

        If you had a ticket to a Noble Prize
        why in the world would you turn it over to big pharma..?

        And why does Moderna need ProfG or anyone else to do an MS study..?

        “Vaccines against serious infections transmitted from mother to baby

        Cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine (mRNA-1647)
        Zika vaccine (mRNA-1893) with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

        Vaccines against common viral infections with high unmet need

        Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) vaccine (mRNA-1189)

        To date, Moderna has demonstrated positive Phase 1 data readouts for six prophylactic vaccines (H10N8, H7N9, RSV, chikungunya virus, hMPV/PIV3 and CMV). Moderna’s CMV vaccine is currently in a Phase 2 dose-confirmation study. Moderna’s investigational Zika vaccine (mRNA-1893), currently in a Phase 1 study, was granted FDA Fast Track designation.

        Moderna has built a fully integrated manufacturing plant in Norwood, MA which enables the promise of the technology platform. ”


        • Gee lighten up:-)

          95 89 does it matter it will be called something else.

          Ian dyslexic and can’t spell what is your excuse anonimus

          Ticket to noble prize turn it over to big pharma…..it wouldnt matter the inventor would get the credit

          Companies can’t do studies in patients they need clinical support…,I say again lighten up.

          Let’s see how well they do with global distribution.

  • Hi all, please give thoughts about what an anti-cd20 girl should do if offered one of the RNA based vaccines??? Developments Moving very fast here in US state of Texas toward vaccination for covid …Pfizer just picked it as one of four states to test distribution of vaccine. Vaccines will be shipped in thermal coolers with min of 1,000 to max 5,000 doses of the vaccine topped off with dry ice. Tx hopes to be able to order smaller batches for rural areas. Although it is stressed that this is just a distribution pilot, it is also reported that Pfizer is expected seek emergency use after at end of nov. My county also issued press release detailing special freezer locations and plan for vaccine administration to be done by nurses and medical reserve corp. Exciting news but its moving so very quickly Im afraid there won’t be much data about use of vaccine with anti- cd20 therapy if/when I am offered the vaccine, possibly before end of this year. Im afraid distribution will be slower second pass around. What do i want to know about my own CBC and health if i get offered Pfizer or Moderna vaccine this year? Im scheduled for third (4th if count split dose) orcrevous infusion in January. My mom died of progressive MS at my current age. I’ve had MS almost 15 yrs (on some sort of DMD for duration) and believe I’m a big time smolderer. What do I need to know???

    • “What do I need to know???”

      More important than Covid would be getting a more effective
      therapy..than Ocrevus..for smoldering ms.

      • One can not know for sure but what if My treatment protocols over the past 15 years avoided my mother’s fate? Both of us had atypical aggressive attacks. In late 70s, She was treated with acth and plasmapheresis and ended up in a nursing home blind, unresponsive, and on a feeding tube for 10 years. I’ve had rounds of steroids, various DMDs, and home bound care, PT, OT, etc.,graduate school, 2 children, professional jobs, life. But yah, of course I agree That I need a better drug to stop the progression, but I haven’t forgotten how far we’ve come in the treatment of MS and the improved disease outcomes over the past 40 years. My goal is to maximize my health, and be as informed as I can be about it. Whining doesn’t suit me.

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