ProfG training to be a UBoat Captain..Up Periscope


Just had a quick call with ProfG today and he has been up and about a bit on crutches and has been to “Screwfix“to get his hips sorted. After the Op he was moved out of “Trauma” into “Neurology” for his second screw in a week (You’ve seen the pictures). Although he has been taking a few class A drugs this week, he says the pain is improving. So he’ll be moved into “Rehab” and is planning to start submarine training.

Whilst you all know that he is a bit of a techie and gadget man, I hear he has the next fashion statement on order.

Periscope glasses

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  • Thanks for your he update. Good to hear pain is improving. Bring him a nice bottle os S.African Shiraz or cab when you visit.

  • I won’t be able to flex my neck due to pain and/or a neck collar for 6 to 12 weeks.

    I am hoping that the periscope glasses will allow me to read and use a computer keyboard and screen. At the moment I can only use a mobile phone and then that is in Michaelangelo mode
    No wonder he found painting the Cistine Chapel so hard; I find typing this comment exhausting.

    • Had no idea such things existed or could even exist – lucky you’re a techie to know of/have found these! Hope they’re worth their weight in gold to you over the coming weeks!

      Great to hear your pain is easing somewhat – may this continue and of course all the very best for your rehab.

  • Hi Prof G, I hope the repairs are going well. The glasses look like they are the next big thing to take off. Timing for Christmas, might work too & I’m all for them 🙂

    Keep inventing, suggesting and repairing well.

    All the very best,


  • Ah – the Prof-o-scope.

    May I suggest a slightly Heath-Robinson solution?

    The table things – tray with legs – that people can use to have a laptop / tray / whatever in bed… with legs long enough so it’s well above your face… Needs to be at least 30cm away or you’ll strain your eyes. But not too far or you’ll lose all blood supply to your hands when typing.


    you can get phone (and tablet) holders with suction pads on the back. Suction the device above you – lie flat as you’re supposed to and voila – access to screen without having to strain eyes / hands / bits of you that should be resting…


    Good luck and get well soon!

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