Advent calendar 2020

Father Chris Mouse

In a recent post Sid (commenter) said that they were missing the House of Mouse Adevent calendar, which I used to do for December. I said “be careful what you wish for”.

Whilst I have been busy. I have knocked one up.

Sid was so excited that they provided a pictutre of themselves and I thought that we could reveal this day by day.

Maybe you could sponsor Prof G (Prof G’s EDSS 6.5 to 4.0 Challenge) for me not to keep going, as it would be good to keep Sid a secret.

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  • You are too much MD!! Let’s just say if you keep going, by the 24th, we are going to be knee deep in a big pile of ……….

  • MD,

    You are the Freddy Krueger of MS Research. You and that Welsh windbag (MD2) are the Fred and Rose West of EAE lab work. How can you sleep at night knowing how many mice you have dissected? The life of a single mouse is worth ten EAE researchers.

    Please, no advent calendar. I’ll bribe you – a Lynyrd Skynyrd album signed by the band and a Leeds United shirt signed by David O’Leary.

    2020 has been a low point in MS research. Instead of making lots of fluffy toy mice (is it me, or is this an odd thing to do for a man approaching 60?), do something useful in the last month of the year. Perhaps you could draw up a rota and provide Prof G with a daily bed bath. It might just help in your annual appraisal. If you do visit him, please take him a razor and remove the silly periscope glasses he wears (?attention seeker) when being photographed for his Twitter account. I thought South Africans were a hardy lot, but someone needs to tell him to man up.

    Enjoy the build up to Christmas. Best wishes. Sid.

  • As much as I want to see Prof G’s 6.5 to r challenge succeed and for it to raise loads of money for your study, I also want to see MDs picture of Sid. So torn… what should I do🤔

  • Not sure I understand! I click on the calendar numbers and nothing happens! Is that correct? Have I fallen for an advent calendar joke?!

    Anyway, the lady in my life thinks Prof G is a bit of a sexy old geezer, and thinks (to follow on from Sids earlier post) that enough people will pay to give Prof G a bed bath. Don’t see it myself!

    Thanks for this blog you all, it means a lot to me, even the bits I don’t understand!

    • Like Fred above I don’t really understand who this Sid business but I am so grateful for this blog and all the work that the team does for it. Best wishes to Professor G for a continued recovery.

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