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There are not many advantages of Brexit. Ok I know this is debatable but it means that the UK does not have to wait for the European Medicine Agency as the MHRA can make the decisions and you don’t need to wait for the 27 to get together to agree on something. As such the news is appearing that the UK has jumped the gun and has approved the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. I hear it is the country already. I believe the EU meeting is scheduled for 29 December and the Moderna vaccine for January.

Obviously I don’t know what will happen with people with MS but good news. I wonder if a fudge will be done to approve the Oxford vaccine?

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  • This news will certainly have put smiles on a lot of faces (I hope!)

    May I ask a rather vague question MD – spoke to my sis who tells me she saw an interview on gmtv this morning with some guy (can’t rem his name) who was querying the Pfizer option for people who are immunosuppressed saying something about its promotion of the development of T’cells.

    Sorry I can’t provide you with anything clearer than this! Having your response will be great.

    • Clearly if you are immunosuppressed you can have blunted T and B cell responses. The RNA vaccines make both B and T cell responses but unless you test you don’t know the reality. You need T cells for antibodyresponses

      • So are you saying we shouldn’t have it MD?

        I thought it was more a case of have it and hope for a response!

        • Quite the opposite, RNA vaccines are going to e an option for people with MS…Get this if you can it looks better than the adenoviral vaccines

      • As always thanks for replying MD.

        You mention testing in replies to both myself and Anon – wonder if this will happen or whether the Pfizer and Moderna not being live means they’ll be rolled out to those of us who are immunocompromised with the assumption we should be fine to receive either one or the other.

  • Ban of live animal exports after Brexit for England and Wales, what a relief. That is an advantage of Brexit.

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