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Some people with MS is now getting the Pzifer BioNTech vaccine. The Moderna variant is close behind. As you may know I am a big fan of the MedCram (Medical Education) Team , who are respiratory Docs. They have been educating me about COVID19. I think their delivery of information is understandable and is very educational and frank. The COVID related stuff is free.

Today Kyle talks to Dr Crotty about RNA vaccines. It lasts about 30minutes (but on the time line at the bottomw you can see the questions being answered if you want to speed listen) but he answers questions you may have. Inclduing on side-effects, safety and should you be scared…..No.

If you get offered it, I would be saying Yes

COI: None

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  • I have delayed my next infusion of Ocrevus in hope that when I get the rna vaccine I will be able to develop antibodies. My doctor isn’t sure it will work but gave her blessing to try. She said to take an antibody test a few weeks after the vaccine to see if it works. Right now I fear the virus more than progression from MS.

    • My next ocrelizumab round is due for Feb, chances are I could get Moderna or biontech vaccine in Feb.

      How long do you think we should wait with anti cd20 after vaccination?

      • It is unknown but for vaccines prior to ocrelizumab it would be a few weeks after completing the cycle. Check the label

    • Good luck Karen. My state of Texas just announced it will permit vaccination of certain immune compromised first go around, so I am hoping to get it. But will confess my fears sway between these two foes.

    • Thanks there are some interesting points but there are some factual in accuracies also and there is no clear information about the adenovirus vaccine. The adenovirus vaccine is not an attenuated live virus it is a gutless replication deficient virus and all vaccines are a two shot approach at present.

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