Variations in neurofilament


Neurofilament is fast becoming a new biomarker for MS, but ths research suggests that there is variant form one time point to another.

Variations in consecutive serum neurofilament light levels in healthy controls and multiple sclerosis patients.Bridel C, Verberk IMW, Heijst JJA, Killestein J, Teunissen CE.Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2020 ;47:102666

Background Neurofilament light is a neuronal protein detectable in serum (sNfL), with high potential as disease activity biomarker in multiple sclerosis (MS). To date, little is known about sNfL fluctuations between 2 consecutive measurements in healthy controls (HC) and MS patients. Yet this information is critical, as it will help define a clinically significant variation. Methods sNfL was measured at 2 consecutive time points in a cohort of 90 MS patients (untreated relapsing remitting MS (uRRMS), n=35; treated relapsing remitting MS (tRRMS), n= 21; secondary progressive MS, SPMS, n=21; primary progressive MS, PPMS, n=13), and 90 age-matched HC, using the Simoa NfL light® assay. Results Mean sNfL was elevated in all MS subtypes compared to HC (p<0.0001), and positively associated with age in HC (r=0.70, p<0.001), confirming previous reports. Mean sNfL was higher at follow-up compared to baseline in HC (p<0.001), and lower in uRRMS(p=0.036) and tRRMS (p=0.008). At follow-up, a similar proportion of HC (50.0%), untreated RRMS (51.4%), treated RRMS (33.3%), SPMS (45.0%) and PPMS (46.2%) had variations in sNfL levels exceeding 20% of baseline levels. Conclusions Our data suggest variations in sNfL occur both in HC and MS populations to a similar extent and magnitude. Variations between two consecutive sNfL measurements may reflect natural variations and not necessarily variations in inflammatory disease activity.

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  • Nice study

    But they wasted time,and resources to answer half a question

    They should have done the same study ,with same participants both serum and csf NfL at the same time

    Now i imagine doing 2 lumbar puncture to 90 HC´s would be hard trying to convince them 🙂

    Another lost opportunity

    Nice post

    Feliz natal

    • Lol. A few people who I went to college with (I guess they were some of the subjects who’d fall under the HC demographic) took part in paid studies that involved quite a few different tests. The more tests, the more they were paid.

      A casual friends mother even started doing it too because she needed extra money. I think that quite a few people would be willing to have 2 spinal taps as part of a paid study.. Offer around $100-200 for each spinal tap to be paid after both are done, there’d be planty of applicants

      Pre-MS broke college student me definitely would have done it haha. Heck, I tried to sell plasma once but didn’t weigh enough. I left in tears.

      Anyway, did I misread this? Or maybe it doesn’t matter? It looks like untreated MS patients were closesr to HC than MS patients who were being treated. It would be interesting (at least to me) to know what they were being treated with.

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