BartsMS Filmweek Part 2


Part 2

Immunology of multiple sclerosis

CoI: These videos were sponsored by Merck and for regulatory purposes this has to be disclosed. However, this was collaborative and the content was generated by a video production company following generation of a story board created by them and importantly ProfK and B and BartsMS PPI members acting as consultants via Queen Mary University of London.

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  • I am surprised Merck agreed to sponsor the theory of MS being mainly a B-cell driven disease. Great work! Now if you can only get those darn research paper “gatekeepers” to jump on the B-cell train.

    P.S. Love the videos

    • As we have said Merck did not meddle in the video production, but we wanted to explain the observable response to therapy of different agents and not the responses of the mind of EAEers, we are grateful that they were responsive to the ideas we gave.

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