BartsMS Filmweek Part 1


As part so the “can”-“ing town” film festival ProfK has been nominated for an “EnRee” for best animated short.

During the COVID pandemic we have made these movies. They are about 5 minutes long.

These are five short animated clips that we hope will educate you as: doctors, nurses, people with MS and general public

They are about MS, the immune system, the immune system in infection and autoimmunity, treatment approaches and lastly about cladribine. These videos were supported by Merck, but the content was generated with input from ProfK and ProfB as consultants. The first few videos are treatment irrelevant and infection irrelevant, but it should help you see how treatments may impact on COVID-19 and vice versa and it would be great if other companies would want to do the final video about their particular treatments. It is about education.

We are about to start ChariotMS, a trial of cladribine tablets for people with advanced MS.

ProfK – Harpreet (ChariotMS trial manager) – Christine (PPI & digital editor)

We thank our MS PPI team for their input.

So sit down, get some popcorn or other more approriate snacks and enjoy and for the oldie Brits viewing this just to get you in the mood watch this video first

P.S. What follows next is not an advert but the main feature

CoI: These videos were sponsored by Merck and for regulatory purposes this has to be disclosed. However, this was collaborative and the content was generated by a video production company following generation of a story board created by them and importantly ProfK and B and BartsMS PPI members acting as consultants via Queen Mary University of London.

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