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A few years ago it was found that some monkeys in Portland, USA developed a demyelinating disease that looked abit like MS. The found out that it was caused by a herpes virus abit like EBV. Now they ask is there autoimmunity to myelin and the answer appears to be Yes.

Myelin-specific T cells in animals with Japanese macaque encephalomyelitis.Govindan AN, Fitzpatrick KS, Manoharan M, Tagge I, Kohama SG, Ferguson B, Peterson SM, Wong GS, Rooney WD, Park B, Axthelm MK, Bourdette DN, Sherman LS, Wong SW.Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 2021 Jan 13. doi: 10.1002/acn3.51303. Online ahead of print.PMID: 33440071

Objective: To determine whether animals with Japanese macaque encephalomyelitis (JME), a spontaneous demyelinating disease similar to multiple sclerosis (MS), harbor myelin-specific T cells in their central nervous system (CNS) and periphery.

Methods: Mononuclear cells (MNCs) from CNS lesions, cervical lymph nodes (LNs) and peripheral blood of Japanese macaques (JMs) with JME, and cervical LN and blood MNCs from healthy controls or animals with non-JME conditions were analyzed for the presence of myelin-specific T cells and changes in interleukin 17 (IL-17) and interferon gamma (IFNγ) expression.

Results: Demyelinating JME lesions contained CD4+ T cells and CD8+ T cells specific to myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein (MOG), myelin basic protein (MBP), and/or proteolipid protein (PLP). CD8+ T-cell responses were absent in JME peripheral blood, and in age- and sex-matched controls. However, CD4+ Th1 and Th17 responses were detected in JME peripheral blood versus controls. Cervical LN MNCs from eight of nine JME animals had CD3+ T cells specific for MOG, MBP, and PLP that were not detected in controls. Mapping myelin epitopes revealed a heterogeneity in responses among JME animals. Comparison of myelin antigen sequences with those of JM rhadinovirus (JMRV), which is found in JME lesions, identified six viral open reading frames (ORFs) with similarities to myelin antigen sequences. Overlapping peptides to these JMRV ORFs did not induce IFNγ responses.

Interpretations: JME possesses an immune-mediated component that involves both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells specific for myelin antigens. JME may shed new light on inflammatory demyelinating disease pathogenesis linked to gamma-herpesvirus infection.

Simple experiment RNA agains the virus or a myelin protein and ask does it stop disease from ocurring? What are your bets?

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  • Do you think that maybe something like EBV plays a part in triggering MS in some people who are predisposed and their MS is driven by T cells more than B cells? I’m really curious about this idea.

    • No b cells activate t cells to attack the central nervous system. And ebv lives in b cells so it most likely activates t cells both within the peripheral immune system and within the central nervous system. So no ms is mostly a b cell mediated disease.

  • I have been saying all along that there is a correlation between the herpes virus and MS! Wish someone will look into it more and begin research ASAP! Who do you contact to start a clinical trial??

  • I would like to add….. most of us with MS can tell you that we had a major life event or lasting stress when MS reared it’s ugly head. In my opinion, MS acts the same as the herpes virus. Herpes lies dormant in the NERVOUS SYSTEM until a stressful event causes an outbreak, which is visible in lesions (sores), externally. Do you see the similarities here? I believe MS is very similar in that our lesions and infection/inflammation are internal. Now, I’m not a doctor, researcher or scientist, but I’m not void of education either. I DO HAVE MS THOUGH. And one thing you can be sure of is that people with MS are hanging on every single word from Doctor’s, scientists and researchers clinical trials, because we are DESPERATE for a cure and/or remyelination! We read EVERYTHING! Some of us have more time than others, thanks to our disability being so advanced that we sit at home reading these miracle studies, while our bodies are in constant decline. We are in despair. Someone needs to do something to move research along and get us the help we need and deserve. We have earned it! We have the battle scares to prove it! MS patients are the bravest people I have ever known. We take on more than the average person could ever imagine. Some wish for death, because there are worse things in life than dying and a slow, painful decline from MS is one of them. Sorry to be so doom and gloom, but this is OUR REALITY and we NEED the research/cure! I know thousands of MS patients that would line up to help find a cure. Best wishes to all. 💪🏼☺️🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • What is the Cause(s) of MS? Until we prove who the culprit(s) causing MS or new MS evidence arises, the solution is elusive. We need to keep fighting or all is lost.

      MR, I feel your frustration with the cycle of research and mice studies for 20 plus yrs going in circles. The Powers to be have created a system to ensure everyone involved receives a piece of pie, game of cat and mouse. Most are doing their best in theory, however MS is big business now, business is creating the rules for drug of choice vs Dr’s or patient choice. We are all different, but insurance doesn’t individualize MS treatments, you follow our plan or you get nothing, or pay cash. One problem is the insurance drug of choice is backwards to ensure higher profits, not better outcomes per the data, do you agree Prof G?

      When I read journals from 20 yrs ago, many of the themes/results/discussion are the same today, a very repetitive cycle of info worries me.

      Thus, I believe the majority of MS cases are caused by many variables and/or MSer specific/enviromental links? Probably, why the cause is elusive? Too complicated and convoluted, until serendipity occurs and/or a Genius or serendipitous PHD stumbles on the cause or solution, we are in limbo, waiting.

      The Man made chemical variable(s) I believe is the smoking gun, the accumulation of chemicals ingested/absorbed/breathed, must be involved. The Man made chemical variable in the equation has increased over time since the 1800’s, peaked in the 1970’s with little to zero regulation. The utilization/dumping of dangerous chemicals was wide spread for profit/deceit.

      Today, up to 1 million MSers diagnosed in the USA per MS society 2019, thus the problem is far worse than known. How many MSer’s are not diagnosed or at early stages of MS unseen. I believe MS problem is trending up per the data, the demographics illustrate MS doesn’t discriminate, thus proving the common variables(s), if you will.

      I wish data could be crunched to evaluate if young MSers were affected living in areas of high contamination levels, e.g. 100’s of SUPERFUND sites located all over the USA. I assume in other countries may prove some areas are contaminated worse than others or majority are contaminated with high enough levels to trigger MS.
      Depending on the age of onset of MS occurring, early onset could point to higher concentrations of chemicals accumulated resulting in worse severity or onset.

      Sometimes the solution, is the obvious one and right in front of our faces.

      The MS story per my view:

      One may have the perfect storm, high levels of alien chemicals, a gene trait(s) , EBV infection early in life, high stress event(s), and/or long duration(s) of high stress over time may trigger the Immune system to attack/paralyze us/blind us/etc .
      I went from normal function at work, then after work both my legs were paralyzed after one hour at 45 y/o.
      At 45 y/o the high stress event disturbed my sleep for months, including the long durations of stressors per my Job description/work ethics over 30 yrs, the chemical variables, a Severe Case of Mono or EBV at 14 y/o could add up to be the equation causing MS simply written.

      Gene+chemicals+stress+high stress event(s)+virus=MS

      For the Record my mother had severe outbreaks of cold sores her entire life with early onset of Fatigue (my theory is radiation poisoning/MS). My mother/older brother were also attacked by MS in her 40’s. My brother and I mimic my mom’s patterns, except for our mothers fatigue was early onset & more extreme.

      To continue to connect the dots:

      Unknowingly, the smoking gun is I grew up living by one of the worst Superfund sites on the planet (Pantex plant Amarillo, TX , opened in 1950), contaminating our ground water/air early in bomb production/destruction, heavy agriculture/chemicals (1900’s), Lastly, My mother and Father were 1 and 3 y/old during the First Atomic Bomb, tested at the Trinity site, New Mexico, USA (July, 1945). We are the “First Atomic Bomb Victims”. My entire family has neurological problems, including Aunts/Uncles/cousins. Many had Cancer, many at young ages, several died. Many may have MS too, including other neurological disease from hell. New Mexicans were never studied or compensated, 75 yrs of deceit. The fight continues today.

      • I grew up next to a military Arsenal/base. If there were environmental factors, that would have to be the first place that I would look. It is a HUGE area and if my memory recalls, there were some areas of radioactive material that was buried there, as well? I’ve also had shingles before, so I believe that is one of the culprits. I am not sure if I have EBV, but now I’m curious and may ask for the test at my doctors office next time. The saying is so true…. “You don’t get MS, until you get MS!” I have never had such a feeling of hopelessness and despair as I’ve had with MS. No one will listen and frankly, I don’t think anyone gives a sh*t. It’s the saddest thing to realize the way things REALLY are in this world, when you can actually, REALLY see them!! I see people more clearly now than I ever had and I wish everyone could see the world through our eyes. It would be a much better place. No one would take life for granted again and they would be completely humbled and brought to their knees. This disease is no joke! We are fighters for sure. We fight for our lives every day. Just to live normally and pain free while big pharma gets richer. If the CEO of a pharmaceutical company “got” MS, you better believe things would change quickly. I had HSCT, so they’re no longer getting rich off of my illness, but I’m just 1 of millions. My progression has stopped and hopefully I’ll be in remission forever and they will never make another penny off of me! Anyway, I didn’t mean to get on my soap box AGAIN! I just want someone to PLEASE do something?? Can we step it up and get a cure already?? People are suffering!!

        • I went into MS research because my father was (wrongly) diagnosed as having MS at the age of 49 I was 12 at the time. He had a chronic neurodegenerative disease that was genetic. At the age of 25 I saw the first MS case in pathology – she was 25. I made a vow to try to get to the bottom of the disease. Never since then have I given up trying to find the cause of MS. It’s a struggle as a researcher trying to convince people on research grant panels to test new hypotheses. I am still trying.

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