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The development of COVID-19 and the rapid way that RNA vaccines have been developed means that you have a rapid way of developing vaccines against your viruses of choice. So which virus do you want to get rid off…The ones that cause warts

Warts: Pictures, Causes, Types, Removal, and Treatment
Hope this doesn’t put you off your rice crispies this morning:-)

Epstein Barr Virus?

Well ProfGs wish is their command, maybe he can convince them to do a glandular fever trial

Well it is is the pipeline mrNA 1189

EBV infects virtually everybody and so do cyclomegalovirus CMV and there it is mRNA1647/ BioNTech are going after HIV, Flu.

However what about JC virus.

It infects about 50% of us….but here now comes the problem…We made an immune response against it and keep it in check. So how do you get it on the agenda

It can hide from the immune system and pops out when people become immunosuppressed, but get rid of JCVirus and natalizumab and some of the other MS drugs like dimethyl fumarate and fingolimod become just that bit safer. Natalizumab with a minor risk of PML

Will Biogen talk to their Cambridge neighbours (Moderna) have a coffee and do a deal? I can see the trials design but the big question for vaccines is can it get rid of an existing infection and this is where vaccines struggle. But to keep someone on tysabri JC negative would be good. Then it gives you a problem and you have to make a new test as being antibody positive means you have have been infected with the JC virus.

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  • Thanks MD.

    What is the mode of transmission of JCV?
    Surely not coughing in someone’s face like covid. Blood transmission? Sex like herpes?

    Been on Tysabri for 9 us now and still JCV-

    But caught primary CMV 4ys ago by changing my baby’s nappies!

  • I would like to understand, could you please explain a bit more. I thought the problem with PML was due to Natalizumab blocking immune-cells from getting into the brain. So how would it help to have a better immune response to the JC-virus when the immune system can’t reach the virus in your brain?

  • Regarding EBV – do you think a vaccine would kill the virus already in your system that is highly likely the cause and driver of MS though killing infected cells or would a vaccine to EBV only be of use prior to contracting the EBV, which would be a great prevention measure to MS.

    Also what are your thoughts on the Biontech ‘MS vaccine’ that has been seen to work in mice, does it sound credible or possible that it would work in humans?

    Thank you

    • For the question regarding EBV it is a possibility that it could cure multiple sclerosis however vaccines tend to work more on prevention but it could still work. In essence yes there is a chance that it could cure multiple sclerosis but this is not a guarantee.

      Ideally you would need an antiviral treatment and a vaccine against ebv to cure multiple sclerosis. At least now the idea of realizing an ebv vaccine is now a possibility thanks to Moderna.

      • Or use gene editing to splice out the herpes virus DNA in our genome and prevent reactivation. CRISPR Cas9 anyone?

  • I have heard about treating established infections with donor’s immunoglobulins. Maybe it would be worth trying.

    • Atara ebv trials is a good small step forward however they are a small pharmaceutical company so the development of their product would take time.

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