Sod the #MSCOVID19 vaccine give me the MS trials


You can have loads of ideas but you can’t do all the science on the planet, but it is nice to see an idea come true. Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived

Now what do I mean Sod the COVID vaccine, well of course I dont mean don’t take it if you are offered it. But what is the vaccine going to do? Hopefully, it is going to stop you getting symptomaic infected so that you do not pass on the virus. But if it fails tha,t it is going to stop you getting severe covid 19 and having the virus for so long and it should stop the virus from killing you….OK abit amateur dramatic here.

However, when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived we went T and B cell made and the vaccine focuses your view to the T and B cells, but we suggested that your best defence against the virus was you innate immune system notably the macrophages.

The underpinning biology relating to multiple sclerosis disease modifying treatments during the COVID19 pandemic.Baker D, Amor S, Kang AS, Schmierer K, Giovannoni G.

This was because in many people they get rid of the virus before the lymphocytes appear. This in part explains why the worst feature for having bad COVID-19 is age. Old people die and young people shrug the virus off without symptoms. Likewise, young people often shrug off an relapse whilst older people accumulate deficit. This is because as you get older you don’t repair as well and you turn into a wrinkly. The key to this is probably not the lymphocytes but the macrophage. To get repair you have to get the macrophages to clear up the debris and as they get older this aspect fails.

Now the boffs from Cambridge and elsewhere came up with the idea that you could turn back the aging clock with a diabetes drug called metformin. So if you mix the metformin with a myelin repair drug you get repair in an oldie mouse, so there are now planned trials to do this in MS. I am sure they will start as soon as COVID-19 is dealt with, but quite possibly if people dont take up the vaccine and we dont get rid of virus.

However if you put these ideas together the metformin is going to have benefit against covid-19 and indeed this is what we suggested

Innate immunity during SARSCoV2: evasion strategies and activation trigger hypoxia and vascular damage.Amor S, Fernández Blanco L, Baker D.

Now I am sure you have heard that diabetes is a risk factor for severe COVID-19 some of these people will take metformin to modulated glucose (sugar). It lowers your blood sugar levels by improving the way your body handles insulin. It’s usually prescribed for diabetes when diet and exercise alone have not been enough to control your blood sugar levels. 

Crouse AB et al Metformin seu Is associated with reduced mortality in a diverse population with COVID-19 and diabetes. . Front. Endocrinol., 13 January 2021 | showed that taking metformin could reduce the risk of fatal COVID-19 by a third, so bring on the MS trials repair from MS and protection against COVID-19

The point of this post is to suggest that maybe we on a useful avenue for treatment. But we will will have to wait and see

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  • Hey MD, I was wondering last evening in my bed during another spell of insomnia: Can the mRNA platform be easily used to develop a JCV vaccine?

        • Maybe ProfG will do it when he is better or better still ProfK who is in discussion with them, but this is surely not in Biogens hands it is upto to Moderna/BioNTech to add it to their pipeline, but as you say Biogen should go knocking on the door

        • Great idea, I guess the only downside is that since most healthy people are not affected by JCV demand would be pretty limited…. and therefore profits.

  • I would absolutely love to be involved in a Metformin trial. My doctor would prescribe metformin for me but the other GPS in the surgery won’t allow it. I know I can get it online but I don’t want to do that.
    I am alternate day fasting which metformin has the effect of.
    I will look forward to the trials happening and bloody hope and pray I can be involved somehow!?

  • In the not so distant past, this blog has shared evidence that intermittent fasting has been shown to produce anti-aging effects the same as or similar to metformin.

    With this in mind, what can we infer or hypothesize about intermittent fasting based on this study?

  • Exciting ideas
    Except that even the most exciting ideas often go nowhere, and it takes forever even if they do eventually get somewhere

  • Which myelin repair drug do you think they will combine with metformin in a trial? I thought metformin alone could Remyelinate

  • So does this mean that a diet with very little added sugars and limited simple carbohydrates could be fulfilling the same role as taking metformin?

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