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A reminder that we are hosting the Barts-MS Question & Answer session on COVID-19 vaccines and our vaccination policy from 16h30-17h30 this afternoon. We will be live-streaming the event via YouTube. If you can’t watch the event live it will be recorded and remain available for asynchronous viewing at your leisure.

As of yesterday we had received 111 questions; too many to get through in an hour. However, there were many repeats. I will be joined by Prof K (Professor of Neurology), MD1 (mouse doctor and immunologist), Dr Saul Reyes (neurologist and MS vaccine expert), Joela Mathews (neuroscience pharmacist) and Andrea Stennett (neuro-physiotherapist).

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  • Thank you for the talk today. I’ve had the first dose of AZ and as mentioned during the talk I did have an exacerbation of symptoms (walking/balance affected) much as I do with any infection. This lasted a couple of days along with a sore arm for a few days. – I’m now back to MS normal! I had anticipated I probably would have an exacerbation but it was more significant than expected. Anecdotally I have heard plenty of other MSers have had similar reactions – particularly with AZ. It didn’t put me off having the vaccine at all (and I view it that I had a good immune response) but I do think its worth reiterating that this reaction is a possibility for MSers (and temporary) as well as just having a sore arm. The symptoms were certainly more significant than the flu jab.

  • I have RRMS (though worsening may indicate SPMS?) and not on a DMT. I had the Pfizer first dose a week ago and apart from sore arm didn’t notice anything different.

  • I had the Pfizer and due to a sore arm had a poor nights sleep x2, due to not sleeping on my left side, resulting in feeling fatigued and ‘ropey’ but this was definitely not a side effect of the vaccine, as to how I always feel without a sufficiently good nights sleep.

    Interestingly, I had my vaccination on the 12th and my arm was fine by the 14th. However, last night and the night before I registered in my sleep that it was slightly sore.

  • I had the AZ vaccine recently and very relieved to have had my first shot. Within 6 hours I had a fever, shivering, aching all over and headache. Helped a bit by paracetamol. Had to go to bed as I felt so unwell and it all lasted about 18 hours. Definite worsening of MS for the following week, especially in terms of fatigue and leg power. Now back to normal. As P Munn has said I also thought it was the same as having a mini-‘relapse’ with a UTI etc.

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