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Thank you for your help with Dr Angry and DrRuths tests.

Please read the information and instuctions and the consent form

When doing the blood spots wash your hands in warm water (this helps the blood to flow) and dry them. Using the alcohol wipe clean your finger (middle or ring finger. The ring finger is easier). Use the lancet (blue thing) towards the tip of the finger to the side (towards little finger).

The tip for getting a good blod spot is:

Let the blood droplet form, you may need to massage (Squeeze the sides of your finger and move towards the tip) your finger to help the droplet form. When the drop is ready to fall touch the blood spot card so the blood goes within the circle to fill it. Then get the next big drop. This is better than doing 5 quick little drops as one or two good spots. According to Dr. Angry, one card is enough as it should be possible to use only one spot and have the others as back-ups.

When wet the blood is bright red (unless you are Royal then it may be blue and if you are an Alien it could be Green:-) When it dries it will be darker.

Dried bloot spots. The one of the left will be easier to work with as we have to punch a spot. We can easily get 4 puches from one spot on the left. This wil be more dificult on the card on the right

To stop bleeding do the Donald trump manouver and put pressure on your finger for example with your thumb and raise this (bend arm) so it is above the level of your heart. Add the band-aid/plaster

Image result for donald trump hands OK
Here is the first finger and thumb, you should use your ring/third finger and thumb

The card folds to that the card can stand up (Picture on left) to allow air to dry the spot. Do not touch the blood. Once dry fold the cover over the spots so that you can’t see the blood spots. (Right picture)

Once dry, put inside the plastic bag with the sachet of silica gel (This removed mositure from the air).

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  • And add fun stickers to your return envelope for the enjoyment of scientists receiving mail.
    P.S the needle prick hurt more than I expected
    There was a hole in my hand! 😄

    • The trick is to shout “scratch, scratch” as you do it and use the fleshy part of your finger…..Have you been living in “the smoke” for too long to turn you into a Southern softy? (P.s. Yorkshire Joke:-). Hope it stopped hurting quick, it was less than I expected.

      • Yes southern softy now 🙁
        I’m saving my spare needle pricker for when someone annoys me
        My partner wouldn’t let me do it to him..

  • Ooops. I’m afraid I didn’t fill the circles with my blood. Don’t think I can do again – as I am nine days post my first Covid vaccine.

    • Not to worry, we punch holes out of them, it may be we need to do abit of cutting and weighing, if they are too small. 9 Days just starting to show something. However the next one will be more relevant as there should be something to detect.

  • Remember you need to say China when doing the Donald Trump maneuver. Emphasizing the ch is vital for a faster healing process. Mind sharing some details about the trial MD?

    • This will help anyone giving a blood spot. At the moment we are busy recruiting to the BartsMS covid study. If you remember ProfG raised cash after our charity support was withdrawn. Using the blood spots we have the potential to examine (a) Infection and (b) response to covid19 vaccination. In the UK tier 4 roll-out (people with risks due to certain treatments/conditions) for people being vaccinated and we have been quick off the mark (due to effort by people within the team) and a number of people have been offered vaccinaton. We have the ethics and the technology in place to do this. If people sign up we can check to see if people are serconverting (responding to the vaccine). This is made easier with a before and after sample and made easier with a big enough spot. We have been focussing on our BartsMS cohort but aim to spread the net wider, it depends on paperwork and how fast that can be organised.

      I think you will find he uses that gesture all the time maybe not a ch but maybe it is an “a” and then add a 4 letter word of choice:-)

  • I’ve missed this one amongst all the emails. Is this research I could partake in? I suffer with relapsing rebutting MS. Thanks.

  • It hurt much more than I was expecting too!!

    Glad to say I filled all my dots on both sheets (bled more than I expected too 😆)

    How long until the study yields some results do you think?

    • If you stand up the blood gushes abit more…

      It takes 3-4 weeks to get antibody response we have vaccinated quite alot of people so maybe not that long, but we have to get in the lab

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