COVID-19 has advantages for Lab meetings. Is ProfG Blue?


It has been the coldest day in London than I every remember is ProfG going blue with the cold. Not that I saw, he was a at home in his civvies looking well.

As you know two things have happened this year that has reduced ProfGs air miles/Mileage plus. Maybe he will be dropped from being a Gold member to being a BA blue.

I will never forget a meeting I think it was in milan that we had we were in the queue together with Sir Jermemy MD2, ProfK and a few other neuros in the airport, the next thing we knew profG was through passport control and into the business lounge, whilst we waited for 20mins in line to get through passport control and then go some soggey (£20) pizza and a coke with the along with the other “plebs”.

Why the reduced airmiles? One element to this is having a fight with a motorbike and losing and the other element is going online and not flying to meetings. ProfG says he is zoomed out, suffering teaming fatigue, blue jeaned away, etc… But one advantage is that you don’t have to travel to meet the experts. So for our lab meeting today we were very honoured to have Prof Milo from Israel.

Whilst he can still make us jealous by showing us pictures of the sun and the sea and he can be thankful that he didn’t have to get some long-johns to come to the UK on its coldest day in 30 years (minus 26 in parts of Scotland). However, Israel is now the World Source of vaccine information. They have vaccinated about half of their population and 80-90% of their 70-90+ have been vaccinated. It is estimated that maybe a third of their people with MS have had the jab so far and there have been very few (~<0.1%) issues that have been noted and remember these issues may be unrated to treatment or chance events, but get reported anyway. So I hope that this comes as helpful news to think about as you are being offered a COVID-19 vaccination

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