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At present there is only the offer of the Astrazeneca/Oxford and the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine, the moderna vaccine will arrive around April.

The next two in line for approval in the UK is the Novovac (spike protein) and the Johnson & Johnson (Jansen Adenovirus). So in todays vidoe you can learn about this vaccine. It is a single dose at present. This may arrive to late for people in tier 4 but maybe it will be approved before tier 6.

If you are interested to learn about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine you can watch this video from Docs at Medcram

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    • Yes am I am sure we have enough on social distancing and masks too, but I don’t know about where you live but joggers, dog walkers, parents of children and many more don’t understand this and continue to spread this virus. This is a reputable source of information and some people may be offered this.

    • Dan,

      There is some MS research news around. The MS Society of Canada is funding a trial of Metformin (as a possible white matter repair therapy) for young patients with MS:

      This is interesting, as there is a trial in Cambridge (starting soon) to trial Metformin and Clemastine as potential remyelination agents.

      It’s good to see that some MS research (unrelated to Covid 19) is continuing. There is too much MS / Covid info on the web (all the MS websites have various guidance). All an MS patient needs to know is, firstly, whether it is safe to take the vaccine jab given the specific MS drug / drugs they are on and, secondly, the best timing of the vaccine jab ie if they are on monthly (Tysabri), six monthly (Ocrelizumab), or yearly (Lemtrada) infusions. This could be done as bullet points ie look at the MS drug you are on and check the two issues (safety and timing).

  • Is it a coincidence that Astrezeneca and Johnson & Johnson are both adenoviral vector vaccines, and both have had transverse myelitis (with MS-patients) as an AE? (in ‘relatively’ small trial populations, as compared to some e.g. Pfizer, Moderna)

  • Yes please keep giving us this information it is a reliable source and the only source with an eye on MS. With this virus the biggest worldwide problem for centuries you are absolutely correct to focus on it. I’m sure you’ll let us know if anything major happens in the Ms world as well

  • At the end he suggests people get whatever vaccine they are offered first. Do you have any concerns about people on anti-CD20 getting the presumably less effective vaccines since they would be blunted further? I assume the J&J vaccine will be approved but it seems if you blunt a 66% effectiveness, you’re basically down to a coin toss.

    • Anti CD20 is the most problematic for vaccination due to dosing schedule, vaccine dosing and its blunting effect. We dont know how important this is. J&J will be approved it is over the FDA 50% effect target.

  • I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps that we are all so happy about having such a good vaccine roll out, yet we now know the AZ vaccine is no good against the SA variant. It worries me that we’ll be back where we were a month ago before long with that variant if the vaccine isn’t effective!

    • I would not say no good “The newspaper said none of the more than 2,000 trial participants had been hospitalised or died”. The south Africa variant needs more antibody to block it than the UK variant and than the original variant. This may influence sterilizing immunity that blocks the infective virus, at some point I expect to see weak clinical signs before the immune response gets rid of it. A sniffle and a snuffle is no big deal. However these agents generate T cells and they will get rid of the virus

  • I have found this blog has provided information on the vaccines in more detail, included information for those of us with ms and quite often substantially ahead of other sources of information that are available to non medics. Unfortunately Covid has taken over live as we know it and that is reflected on this blog. Is there a information on the nova vac? One more query if I may, one of my friends, who doesn’t have ms, is adamant that she will not be getting the vacine when offered ( think she would fall in group 8) – she’s saying they are experimental and that there is no fall back on the drug companies if you do have a serious side effect. I have said, based on the info from this blog that the risk is very small but she has referred to the swine flu vaccine roll out in Sweden some years ago, where apparently there were issues. Do you have any comments to that?

    • Novovac there is information on that I will see if medcram do this, but can make a post when it gets approved. It is a protein and adjuvant type vaccine which is like a convenional vaccine. They are planning on making this in UK.

      I suspect many of the population is like your friend… The serious side effects of vaccines have been reported and millions upon millions of people have now had them. The nacrolepsy occuring in Sweden after vaccination is not relevant. Astra Zeneca is anglo Swedish. What next gulf war syndrome, is the issue?. The needles are made out of steel are you going to sue the manufactureres if you have a side effect from the injection. However, we know covid -19 has some serious side effects, and one is called Death….Covid long etc etc Group 8 = 55-60 yer olds are at higher risk than under 50s. I guess we all think it wont happen to me…until one day it does. Serious side effects are rare, they happen in cars…every time you have a fatal car crash do you sue the care manufacturer. Do you sue the drinks ms nufacturer when you have a drink. If they are negligent that is another issues. They manufactureres give you a list of side effects you read that and this is part of the consent process. The Flu vaccine is new each year, are they experimental?.

    • Your friend is entirely at liberty to not get vaccinated however for the rest of the population, time is of the essence and we need a to get the majority of the population immunised if we’re ever going to get the upper hand. No vaccine can ever be said to be 100% safe and there will always be some who have a bad reaction. This is what happened with the swine flu vaccine where a very small number developed narcolepsy, which was terrible for them but actually solved a conundrum with this syndrome and showed definitively that it is an autoimmune disease. I will be taking whichever vaccine is offered to me.

  • I have been very hesitant, afraid of the Covid vaccine with my PPMS.

    But I spoke to my neurology consultant, who strongly recommends it, reassured me that there is no reason to fear it making my MS worse.

    And something some medical professional or another said on the radio really hit home: if someone is going to have a strong adverse reaction to the vaccine, chances are, they would certainly not have done well with the virus either.

    Also, I know someone younger than me with no health conditions who got Covid last year. They are still feeling the fatigue effects of Long Covid. If that had been me, my independence would have disintigrated, my fatigue and ability to exercise would have gone to the dogs. I would have been done for.

    Even just one of the most common effects of Covid – potentially permanent damage to the senses of smell/taste… Who wants to live their life unable to taste anything? Or have their food taste putrid, or of petrol?

    So, I figure that, unless I want to be in isolation for the rest of my life – because the virus is not just going to disappear – I need to gratefully accept the product of what has been an amazing feat of scientific endeavour.

    Sincere thanks to this blog also for sound information.

    • Given the likelihood of a blunted response, would you advise delaying the next dose of biological therapy until the patient has had BOTH of their vaccine doses? (This is for rituximab in SLE rather than an MS scenario)

      • It depends when you start and the frequency schedule, we know that some vaccines need two doses for optimal response. Our current advice is online.

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